Cool Interior Design Ideas With Stripes And Circles

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mural wall wallpaper stripe pattern cool interior design ideas living room

Ten cool interior design ideas for your rooms with stripes and circles

Are you a traditionalist with regard to your decoration? Then you be slightly intimidated safely through the unknown. The eclectic equipment is like a random compilation and “Mixing” bring your head to spin. Don’t give up yet! Mixing stripes and circles is a simple way, on which you can bring your style in the room moving. While you will need to leave the zone of comfort too much.

1. opt for a monochromatic color palette

cool design ideas bedroom zebra pattern cushion bedding

Patterns are suitable for the eyes, if the forms in good harmony. Here we see a few animal stripes on the cushion and they fit beautifully to the patterns on the carpet.

2. a nautical theme

cool ´ living ideas living room striped leather sofa

Here we have everything that can be associated with this timeless topic in conjunction. How could you integrate else Lifesaver in the decoration?

3. strip dominate

modern bathroom wall color ideas for living stripe pattern

Oblong lights, a pedestal sink and ceiling strips have a leading role in this area. All together bring them the round mirror in a great way.

4. the parties dominate in the room

wall design cool interior design ideas living room polka dot pattern carpet

They occupy a central place in this room. However, man has attached the strips on the sides of the sofas and stools.

5. the walls cover

mural wall wallpaper stripe pattern cool interior design ideas living room

Striped walls represent a great background for round hanging lamps. In this case, a narrow winding side table and Pom Pom can appear striped walls of soft pillows.

6. integrate lighting into your design

dining room dining table with chairs stripe pattern kitchen ideas, kitchen island

Coupling light and linear upholstered chairs are classic and chic. The rear wall of the mosaic, and even the round block of wood contribute to a successful lineup.

7. minimize

cool interior design ideas living room curtain ideas Lamellvorhang wood flooring laying

A modest Strip, some framed circles and you nothing more needs.

8. as a child’s play

cool interior design ideas kids room wall decoration stripes colorful wall color

In children’s rooms, the Strip and the circles are particularly suitable. At this point, the creativity may be the validity in a light manner.

9. black – white & accommodation

modern bathroom black white wall paint stripes

The bold color combination makes for a stylish statement when it presents it in the form of stripes and circles. Here you did this in a great way. You can see broad stripes on the walls, thin circles on the floor. They are visually appealing without being too “heavy” for those present. One was a classic look that will fit great in places such as the bathroom for guests.

10 economical use

cool interior design ideas work room stripe pattern Chair dots pattern

Draw a bold stripes on the window panels in consideration and subtle circles on the cushioned chairs. Both patterns into competition in any way. The result is clean and sweet.

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