Cool Wall Decoration With Colors

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cool wall decoration with bright red and turquoise colors

Turn cool wall decoration with colors – the color of your walls into a work of art!

When the designer Chelsie Lee, started to work on a brownstone, she needed lots of color. The owners loved the travel, pop art and vibrant color palettes.

On the basis of these aspects, Lee made the unique project: color blocked walls!

Inspiration you served as a Peruvian this ceiling for sofas and a Moroccan carpet. She transferred the variation, the contrasts and the varied forms of this on the entire region. Then, every detail worked as an integral part of the whole.

Want to let us together, as Lee incorporated small, interesting details in small scales from Jessica Helgerson Interior Design .

Use different shades of the same color

Through this method, you will reach quite dramatic results. In the illustration here, you can see how is the back wall of the shelf with the various shades of red. The parallel color shown in the next figure follows the shape of the staircase and reviewed their geometric patterns.

Provide an economical design with neutral colors.

In cases, when a space occurs only in white and grey, acts particularly exciting the contrasts.

The lower room partially opens to the above rooms

cool wall decoration with paints geometric black and colorful patterned couch

Lee has used nice diagonal lines to resolve the threshold between the two.

Not fear before the unexpected colour combinations

Based on this figure, you can see how well can be the magenta color and Red together.

The colorful patterned cushions make for easy playfulness

cool wall design with colors of magenta and Feuerot

Do you want a bold appearance in the room? Should be set to exactly such surprising combinations. To avoid frustration, you experiment first with large paintings in these nuances. Once you have verified the effect in this manner, you can then make the work.

Looking for an inspiring piece

Selecting the right color is often one of the most difficult tasks, because here is a very personal decision. Do you have a favorite subject at home? This can be the starting point for your coloured design!

The colored carpet in the bedroom here and the bright furniture inspired the colored facilities in the entire remaining space

cool wall decoration with colors in grey with mirror pieces

That’s why you can see so much black, violet and purple in the entire region!

The furniture should dictate the lines

Do you have many spaces without any prominent architectural elements? Use the furniture for attaching some colourful nuances. Through the coloured design of cushions in this room, it has created a soft transition between the anthracite-coloured head and the rest of the bed.

The delicate arrows very elegant contrast to the work gray of wall

cool wall decoration with colors fine tribal art colorful strips

Leave a little white

If you have opted for a colored home, you should treat yourself somewhere a break from it.

You should make at least a space in white to compensate

cool wall decoration colors kitchen island in white bar stools from Walnut

How many colors were used on the walls of your home. Looks there or have we inspired by this article to more experiments?

cool wall decoration with colors colorful sticks decoration

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