Creative Bookshelf – Provide A Cool, Practical Eye-catcher!

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Bookshelf wall shelf tree Orange

A bookcase can be also very creative

Even though we live in times of high-tech and electronic books, there is still a phenomenon, which has a long tradition – namely the stack of paper books almost in every house. The book – this rich, magical world that is hidden between the covers and just waiting to be discovered – experienced its rebirth today. Especially book lovers feel the strong desire to have all sorts of books that they like. Here comes the important question with the clever book storage. Everyone knows the answer. What we need is definitely a suitable bookcase. It is needless to mention that you can find a ton of bookshelves on the market. It is important but how you can best combine a chic and original design with high functionality.

Cool Bookshelf in the vintage style

failed Bookshelf creative form

Today we have some concrete suggestions for you. You can order some directly, others are rather meant as a creative inspiration. In the second case, above all used items are converted and converts into beautiful, unusual bookshelves. You’ll be surprised what old items you can use for this. You actually only need to let your imagination run wild. Everything else comes naturally from itself. Very popular DIY ideas for book shelves are for example to the functioning of used ladders, piano, wooden boxes and leather belts, used for an optimal fit. You can revive but also still quite many old things and provide not only for an original eye-catcher, but be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Your old piano, give a second chance!

Bookshelf creative old piano wall shelf

We discovered some fabulous variants of bookshelves, like for example this top that looks more like a lively character with legs. There are also those that are in the form of a tree with many branches. They are also relatively easy to make, if you have the right wood material.

Look at all the images alone and think about what old items you have stored in the basement or the attic, which have perhaps still lives.

Simple ideas are sometimes the most original

reversed bookcase shelf

Strange clouds in the living room

books shelf outlandish idea cloud

Create your own tree on the wall

books shelf tree figure green

Map of a special kind

books shelf design USA map

Artistic interpretation

Bookshelf thorns shrub wall shelf

You can find such peculiar bookshelves at Etsy

Curved shapes and bright shades

bookcase curved lines original

As a bookcase to the undisputed focal point in the room

books swinging rack wooden shelf

Definitely not, throw away the old head!

creative Bookshelf used head

Do you have maybe somewhere still used leather belt?

books shelf creative Bastelidee leather belt plates

Classic DIY idea with wooden boxes

bookshelf of creative wall shelf wooden boxes

Hanging books

books shelf creative hanging books

Tree-impression on the wall

Bookshelf creative wall shelf wooden tree branches

A strange scale

bookshelf of minimalist design scale

Oversized coffee mugs

Bookshelf original idea coffee cups

Check mark as a bookshelf

books shelf Wall shelves check mark

Old metal tubes give the ambiance a special industrial look

books shelf wall shelf metal tubes

Cool, wavy bookcase

books shelf wavy Wall shelves

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