Creative Ideas For Festive Christmas Decoration At Home

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“Merry Christmas everywhere!”
tones through the air of joyous sound.
Christmas tree,
Christmas fragrance in every room!

On December 25, the Christian world celebrates the feast of love and contemplation throughout the world and commemorates the birth of Jesus. Weeks before the Christmas Eve, all the people are seized by the festive pre-Christmas mood. It is here and there in each home the lights on the already decorated Christmas tree. There it smells like Christmas stollen and freshly baked cookies, to cinnamon and mulled wine. Since”the bells sound as if the angels sing…”and let the hearts of young and old beat faster.

This year we are already on the road to Christmas. In order to help you again, we want to give you creative ideas and useful tips for your Christmas decor at home. It is therefore about Christmas decorations, table decoration, Christmas figures and festive lighting, which make up the magical atmosphere of Christmas. Stay with us and be surprised!

The Christmas tree is the center of festive decoration

The symbolic center of the Christmas festival is undoubtedly the Christmas tree. This is a must in the Advent season, plays a crucial role on Christmas Eve, or rather, Christmas would not be the same without a perfect Christmas tree.

Position the Christmas tree strategically in the room

Christmas tree ideas and tips

The Christmas tree looks back on a long tradition, the beginning of which still lies with the old Germans. At that time, the Christmas tree symbolized vitality and fertility and was placed in public places and in front of the houses. The first Christmas tree was erected in Germany in 1419 by the Freiburg bakery and decorated with fruits and nuts. Nowadays the tradition has evolved much further and there are numerous possibilities for selecting and placing the Christmas tree. For this reason, our editorial team would like to provide an overview and a current update on the most important ideas.

Different contrasts form a cool end result

Christmas tree decorate ideas

Before Christmas Eve, a Christmas tree is traditionally placed at home and festively decorated together with the family. Perhaps you think this process is like a children’s game! This is not true unfortunately, but every step should be well planned. The choice of a suitable Christmas tree is not always easy for many families. Statistics show us that in the last few years a favorite among all Christmas tree varieties – the Northmannanne. This is recommended for families with children or pets, because their dark green needles are very soft compared to the conventional varieties. A major advantage of this Christmas tree variety is the long shelf life even at high room temperatures. The Nordmannenanne is also considered to be very convenient for any space due to not so great altitude. If you prefer a higher type of Christmas tree, then the finely tuned, spruce and Douglas fir trees are the best choice.

Different contrasts form a cool end result

Different contrasts form a cool end result

With the right choice for you from a beautiful Christmas tree comes the next important question that millions of people ask themselves again and again: How should the Christmas tree be decorated this year? Here you will find various solutions for the perfect decoration of your Christmas tree.

The neutral design creates a stylish ambience

white christmas tree ideas

This kind of decoration differs very much from the traditional Christmas ideals, which should be carried out according to a perfectly planned order. Begin with the strings of lights first and place them so that there is enough room for garlands and chains. You might need more than one string of lights if you have a larger Christmas tree. Nowadays, the colorful string of lights is one of the best selling Christmas decorations for Christmas. This does not mean that the monochromatic lamps are not a trend, quite the opposite! The original string of lights with universal colors are a highlight in Christmas decorations and create a great visual variety.

Matt or shine? Decide to your taste!

Matt or Gloss Decide to your taste!

If the lights are already positioned on your Christmas tree, then the next step – garlands and chains. These decorative elements are once again a must, because their shiny or matt surfaces provide for festive atmosphere and perfect optics all round.

The Christmas tree should correspond well with the wall design

The Christmas tree should be combined with the wall design

Our tip : The correct arrangement should be combined with a suitable color effect. Better, different groups of balls should be formed with the same color. Combine the garlands and balls with the color palette of the string of lights to create a stylish harmony of different nuances.

decorating Christmastree

decorating Christmastree

Ideas for Christmas decorations

Decoration tips and ideas

Set great value on color design

Color and decoration

Children’s toys are perfect for decoration on the Christmas tree

Ideas and tips for Christmas decoration

Decorate the Christmas tree together with your family

Decoration tips for Christmas

Be creative when choosing from the Christmas tree

Decoration of Christmas tree

Design a stylish Christmas tree

Design of Christmas tree

Use different nuances of decoration elements

Decoration and color design of Christmas tree

Choose the decoration elements together with your family

Decoration ideas and tips

LED light chains are among the trends this year

Innovations for Christmas

Ensure an optimal lighting design for the Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorating tips

Combine shiny and matte balls

Decoration for Christmas tree

Silver, gold, blue and white – the perfect color combination

Christmas tree decorate ideas and tips

Balls in different colors form a cool decoration piece

Decoration for Christmas tree ideas

The Christmas tree by original Baumschmuck loosen up

Of course, before christmas, you will pay attention to the Christmas tree. The reason is clear: the Christmas tree in its festive robe expresses the splendor of Christmas holidays. For what is the Christmas tree without the beautiful deco balls and garlands?

Even from cookie cutters you can create wonderful Christmas pendants


A Christmas tree should have a natural effect, but also something special in itself! A matching fir tree jewelery comes into question… Either buy this one again or tinker him himself. One thing is certain: The Christmas decorations must be creative and spread a festive atmosphere in the room! Luckily, the trends in Christmas decorations are so different that there is definitely room for experimentation! If you want to make the Christmas decorations yourself, you can use a wide variety of craft supplies: paper, fabric, felt, wood and other natural materials…

Notes and beautiful shapes

christmas tree decorations-craft-deco pendant-paper

Decorate the Christmas tree individually! Your creativity knows no limits! The manuals on the Internet, which can be found all over the Internet, help you to realize your own DIY ideas! You can croch or decorate Christmas tree pendants, decorate Christmas decorations made of wood or make fancy Christmas decorations from a wide range of materials… You could also design motif chains yourself or create beautiful hingucks by using pine cones. The variety of ideas is endless…

A colored bobbin garland makes the mood really festive


Make the Christmas tree a true eyecatcher by creating beautiful Christmas decorations! Classic or modern, it is best to decide for yourself!

Use your imagination and craft whimsical Christmas pendants made of felt


Pine cones are excellent decoration pendants!


Creative wooden figures for the Christmas tree


Christmas decorations can also be minimalistic


Colored Origami Christmas tree ball

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-craft-paper origami

Colorful Origami Christmas Pendants spice up the modern Christmas tree!

christmas-tree-decorations-craft-paper-origami-deco pendant-colored

Fresh decoration for the Christmas tree

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-gift-box-making itself-

Christmas tree hanger with typical Christmas motifs


Felt decoration pendants are a stylish Christmas tree decoration!

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-yourself-making heart-fiz-schneeflöckchen

Unique Christmas garlands made of felt


Funny idea for Christmas decorations


Modern Christmas garlands make the Christmas tree color


From straw and pompoms a garland for the Christmas tree itself make

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-yourself-making straw-pom-poms-garland

Dry orange slices and popcorn garlands make the Christmas tree appear unique!

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-yourself-making popcorn garland

Origami Christmas garland in fresh colors


Make a garland out of buttons? Why not?!

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-yourself-making knoepfe-use-garland

Even bottle caps can be converted into beautiful Christmas pendants!

christmas tree decorations-self-made-deco-trailer-bottle-covers

A beautiful Christmas wreath for the entrance door and the Festplatte

The Adventszeit should be in principle a special and sacred period, in which one prepares itself for the coming Christmas holidays intimately and outwardly. For this, we have actually 6 weeks available, enough time so, where one all preparations for the festival meets and his own home with the merry Christmas mood fulfilled. Where does it begin? Right at the entrance door. This must also be festively decorated. The hanging Christmas wreath is also a sign that Christmas is soon committed and that you expect the feast of joy and impatience. He also welcomes all your guests! Its resemblance to the pine tree in structure and jewelry, its splendor and opulence are undisputed. It serves as a real sight and welcomes all family members, your neighbors and guests!

A lush wreath with cones and red loops

Weihnachtskraenze-door idea

A true symbol of the Advent season in the interior is the Advent wreath, which must not be missing as a table and hanging ornament in every home during the pre-Christmas period. With its 4 candles, which are lit every Sunday, it serves as a kind of Christmas calendar and delights the children. The Advent wreath collects the whole family from the beginning of December to the Christmas Eve around the table and creates a cozy atmosphere full of light and warmth. In the classic variant it consists of a round, green base, in which one hides candlesticks. There are numerous variants for decorating the Advent wreath. Preference is given to gifts of nature, such as cones, nuts, chestnuts, rose hips, various fruits, etc. Typical winter elements such as artificial snow, bells, a small snowman, stars and the like. are just right as jewelery for the Advent wreath. In the classic version the Advent wreath is on the table with green tannin branches, red bows and red or white candles.

A classic Christmas wreath

Weihnachtskraenze fir branches Jewelry

Creative minds can craft a Christmas wreath. For example, decorate intertwined pine branches with flowers, ribbons, Christmas decorations or something that fits well.

The Christmas wreath looks really great with an uncreated part

Christmas Wreath modern-half bald

Scroll down our picture gallery to see the Advent wreaths. There are also some unconventional ideas and suggestions that we give you.

A Christmas wreath with laurel leaves and cones as decoration


A christmas wreath can also be produced from Christmas tree decorations

Christmas Wreath tinker-Tannenbaumdeko

Naked, intertwined branches decorated with lush flowers

Christmas Wreath idea itself-making

Christmas wreath made of wood cuttings

Christmas Wreath Idea wooden cutouts

This Christmas wreath resembles a Christmas tree so much

Christmas Wreath Idea artificial snow

Unconventional Christmas wreath made from many little bells

Christmas Wreath door-Gloeckchen

Do not forget the message”Merry Christmas”!

Christmas Wreath Door Chain kitchens

Why not put on a traditional Advent wreath?

Creative ideas for festive Christmas decoration at home

Or hanging one from the ceiling?


You can even make a Christmas wreath out of clothespins

Christmas Wreath itself-tinker-clothespin idea

Decorate the candle holder with cones, cinnamon sticks and walnuts

Advent table ideas

Advent wreaths bring light and warmth into the atmosphere

Advent table decoration ideas

Decorative stars and all kinds of pine decorations are matching decorations for the Advent wreath

Wreath-decorating table

This Advent wreath looks very wintry in the silver nuances of blue and gray

Advent-silver-winter decoration

A DIY Advent wreath idea

Advent-yourself-making idea-diy

There are a lot of finished Advent wreaths

Advent wreath-table buy

The Advent wreath expresses your style and taste

Advent-yourself-crafts Children

Stylish decoration for your festive Christmas decoration

What makes a festive Christmas dinner? It should be cozy and inviting, but also spread a unique Christmas mood… And how does this work best? Especially with the matching Christmas decoration! As with any other type of decoration, it is also about the right color combination, the desired style and the certain something.

The colors of Christmas

When decorating your Christmas table, focus on two to three shades to avoid color overload. Besides the classics – red, green and white – there are of course many other color combinations available. Ask yourself more about what you want to do this time. The table decoration for Christmas can be done completely neutral with muted colors or, if desired, with some untypical color nuances such as violet, mustard yellow or even blue and silver. Gold is not only timeless, but is also in this year’s trend, and also in the area of ​​living and decorating. So, you can still access it.

Stylish Christmas table decoration in gold


The style of your Christmas decoration

Similar to the colors, you also have a fairly wide selection of styles. From simple, puristic to rustic to cheerful boho chic or nostalgic vintage – the decision depends solely on your own taste and personal preferences. Depending on the chosen decor for your Christmas decor, you can use a lot of natural materials such as fir green, cones, driftwood, moss, Christmas stars and other Christmas flowers, tree slices, cinnamon sticks and fruit. From this, beautiful gestures or table cards can be conjured in turning around. Even distributed here and there on the table, these gifts of nature immediately create a unique, fresh atmosphere and invite you to linger.

Get the nature on the table

simple-weihnachtsdeko-ideas-candles-berries-fir green

Self-made and creative ideas with objects such as glasses, cake stands, Christmas tree balls or kitchen screens, for example, are among the most popular decorative items on the Christmas table. Let yourself be inspired by our picture gallery and create your own festive ambience on the festive table by lovingly arranged Christmas decoration!

Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

christmas table decoration-diy-ideas-glacial-christmas tree balls christmas figures

Design your Christmas table in classic red!

weihnachtstischdeko-red Christmas balls-arrange

Sweet Christmas trees are used to table decoration

weihnachtsdeko-cookies Christmas Tree

Arrange your festive table for Christmas in blue and white!

weihnachtsdeko-blue-white-cloth napkin-christbaumkugeln

So like pure purists for Christmas

puristic-christmas table decoration-with-buchsbaum-plaetzche

Simple means, great effect

diy-weihnachtstischdeko-cinnamon-tree green

Design your Christmas decoration in a sweet way!

weihnachtstischdeko-candy weihnachtskugeln

Fresh Christmas stars decorate the festive table

weihnachtstischdeko-modern poinsettia

Instead of a table-ladder, you can use a golden aluminum foil

golden-weihnachtstischdeko-with-aluminum foil-fir green

Put some fresh colors on the festive table for Christmas

Creative ideas for festive Christmas decoration at home

Combine orange and red with delightful tannenzweigen


Create your fragrant Christmas decoration made of oranges and cloves

christmas table decoration-self-making-orange-gingerbread-idea

Pine cones and wine corks are just perfect as festive table cards


Boho-Style Christmas Joy

boho-style weihnachtstischdeko-yourself-make

Tree slices, fir green and white candles – an unbeatable classic

weihnachtstischdeko-fir green-tap-tree disk tischkarten

Gilded Stachelpalme as a table decoration for Christmas

weihnachtstischdeko-bauble-red-bow-golden palm thorn

Less is often more

cinnamon sticks and red Christmas Ball-weihnachtstischdeko

You can master a beautiful Christmas wreath from cheese and cherry tomatoes


Creatively crafted Christmas figures complete the festive table decoration

A special part of the Christmas decoration are the cute Christmas figures, which are distributed here and there. These can be made of wood or ceramics or you can make them yourself.

Creative Christmas figures made of wood and natural materials

christmas figures-of-wood-weihnachtsdekoration

Christmas figures made of wood

There are many wooden Christmas figures on the market. But we have a great idea for you, as you can make small penguin figures themselves. For this you need different pine cones as a body, small wooden ball as head, felt material for wings and feet and some additional decorative elements as desired. The fastest and easiest way is to attach the parts to each other with the hot-melt gun. Glue the wooden ball to pine cones and paint them in black and white, the typical colors for a penguin head. Let dry. Cut out the wings and feet from the felt and stick them up accordingly. The other accessories are left to your imagination, but you can get stimulation from the picture above.

A joyful atmosphere through a Santa Claus made of ceramic

decorating of-ceramic-Christmas-santa claus

Santa Claus from ceramic

The Christmas decoration will not be finished without a Santa Claus figure. This is decorated in the typical colors white – red, creates a warm and cheerful atmosphere in the room. So, as soon as you get there, make sure you have a great Santa Claus made of ceramics. And to decorate the whole thing even more Christmas, you can get several ceramic figures of different sizes. You can also place the homemade Christmas decoration next to it and make for a nice compilation.

Mini Christmas tree


Build Christmas figurines

There is nothing more beautiful and valuable than the self-made decoration. That is why we propose you to make a Christmas tree made from unusable buttons. They need cardboard, buttons and a few beads or other small items as decoration. Again, the whole thing is finished much faster with the hot glue gun. Make a cylindrical shape from the carton and glue it sideways so that it can withstand. Now the buttons come in line. Large or small, monochrome or colorful, everything is what you like. Different-colored pearls or small flowers will take over the role of Christmas decorations. Fast and inexpensive you have a great Christmas figure.

A great Christmas figure as a challenge

christmas figurines-craft Snowman-Christmas decoration

Craft Christmas decorations made of cork

christmas figures-of-cork christmas tinkering

A reindeer for the garden

Gartendeko-christmas-christmas figures-garden ideas

Small dwarf figures for better Christmas mood

Christmas Decorations Christmas figures-Christmas-Decorating

Christmas without an angel is not Christmas

Christmas Decorations ideas-decorating ideas-xmas

Great Christmas figures from toilet paper tinkering

tinker-with-loo roll-christmas tinker-weihnachtsdeko-ideas

Fancy Christmas figures

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-yourself-making christmas decoration

Creative Christmas baskets with paper cups

christmas decoration-basaltide-christmas-christmas-basalt

Small Christmas trees made of fabric

christmas trees-Christmas Decorations do it yourself-

Christmas decoration ideas for the outdoors

christmas figure-of-wood-weihnachtsdeko outside-

An angel made of wood as Christmas decorations

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-wood-christmas figures-from-wood

Clever idea for Christmas decoration

Christmas-decorating-christmas Handicraft-Christmas Decorations ideas

A christmas star made from cinnamon sticks


Christmas felt made of felt

Christmas Decorations ideas-weihnachtsbaumschmuck-selbermachen

Decorate your house thematically for Christmas

weihnachtsdeko-ideas-christmas figures-ideas

Christmas decoration made of natural materials

natural-Christmas Decorations Christmas-decorating

Original and inexpensive boutique designs for Christmas

diy christmas decoration-ideas christmas-bastelei

Magic Christmas lights – a wonderful light-shadow game

Last but not least, we come to the magical Christmas lights and the small sparkling tealights that further strengthen the magic of Christmas.

Purpose and purpose of Christmas lighting

Long before humanity began celebrating the Christian Christmas festivity, many pagan peoples honored the darkest time of the year and the winter solstice. This time was considered by many to be the end of the darkness and the rebirth of light. Probably for this reason, the tradition of Christmas lighting has emerged, which we continue to cultivate so lovingly these days.

A successful Christmas lighting looks like a charm

christmas lights candle lights child adventskranz

Light and color – the effect on the psyche

The light can not exist without the dark, at least not for our perception. With regard to light design, it can only be said that only by a precisely placed light, some objects can come to the best value. What we all want to achieve in the Christmas season by decorating and soft-water lighting is primarily a meditative mood and a cozy home atmosphere. The heart is warmed and the thoughts brightened and brightened. Whether it is indoor or outdoor lighting, we choose deliberately or not soft and warm, often indirect light. We get several small, sparkling lights by the use of light chains, wind lights or candlelight.

Candlelight and light reflexes alone create the desired festive ambience

christmas lights table decoration lighting glitter candles

Light can not exist without darkness and vice versa also

Creative ideas for festive Christmas decoration at home

Ideas for Christmas lighting

It could be said sloppy, that the Christmas lighting can be freely chosen according to your own feelings. Only one thing would have to be considered: in order to be able to feel the effect of the Weihenchtszaubers, one should let the interplay of dark and light. Create a light shadow play by window decoration with shears cut or tinker wind lights, for which you use Christmas symbols.

A string of lights is enough to create a festive and magical atmosphere

christmas lighting outdoor lighting

Snowy landscapes intensify the effect of light

christmas lights table lighting lighting wind lights outdoor lighting

Enchanting light design

As has already been mentioned, each light design becomes important only when it emphasizes the form or the nature of objects. The example with the scissor cut is not the only way to make a room seem to be magical. If you are lucky enough to experience a snow landscape in front of your doorstep in the festive days, you can use it as a wonderful design template. The snow reflects the light and thus reinforces the desired effect of the spell.

Mirroring and reflexes are the best helpers in your lighting design

christmas lights reflection

But one does not have to hope for snow, because many paths lead to the Christmas miracle. Look at your Christmas decoration and position the light cubes next to light-reflecting materials, such as Christmas decorations for example. Glitter candles, metal shells, glass, but also mirrors have the characteristics to multiply the light and strengthen the Christmas mood.

The shape and texture of the objects may appear magical

christmas lights glittering surfaces light reflex

You can still use the light as a supplement to the decoration of the table.

Previously, the rebirth of light was celebrated at Christmas

christmas lighting clipping contrast

The little lights warm the heart and illuminate the thoughts

christmas lights

The light source in the room can be a fairytale landscape

christmas lighting snow landscapes

Dark silhouettes and outlines support your Christmas decoration

christmas lights

Warmth and homely comfort belong to the table

christmas lights table decoration lighting candles

Stars are among the most popular light sys- tems at Christmas


With a shining window decoration you can only score points

christmas lights star window decoration

Making lanterns is fun and a festive one

christmas lights windlight crafts ideas

Small spot lights emit warm and soft lighting

lighting, lighting, lighting, lighting

Your Christmas lighting can be done quickly and easily with paper

christmas lighting table decoration lighting

The more you take of the white color, the brighter your decoration becomes

christmas lights wind light crafts ideas color white

With the snow you can magically decorate

christmas light snow light

Forming with light means illusion

christmas lights blurred candles LED colorful

Christmas lights create a romantic atmosphere

Christmas candlesticks are the decoration for those of you who like to spread romantic mood at home. There are many different variants, which fit well into different design concepts. Here are some ideas!

Christmas tealight holder in rustic style

The rural atmosphere and Christmas belong together somehow. The simplicity, the proximity to nature, the longing for the roots of our traditions and culture also symbolize the values ​​that we associate with this festival. Rustic Christmas candlesticks make you simply made of wood. Even in rough form, they are wonderfully incorporated into modern Scandinavian interior design and decorating concepts. Another alternative are the great Christmas candelabras in the form of wooden figures with the symbols of the festival.

Noble Christmas candlestick

Noble Christmas lights are mostly made of metal or high-quality glass. They create a magical mood through their luster and the mirror effects. In a simple, rural or minimalist home, the noble Christmas candlesticks make the festively decorated table naturally a real eye-catcher. In other words, you bring more solemnity into space through eclecticism.

DIY Christmas tea light holders

After all, you can simply make your own Christmas decoration. The most popular ideas for this are with reused glasses of yogurt, jam or other products. These are decorated with decorative paper. Gladly the design with great loops. You can also paint the glass and draw different symbolic figures on it. This is then filled with different materials, which have a decorative value and at the same time keep the candles straight.

We hope you enjoyed our creative Christmas decorations and the numerous pictures you have inspired. Use our tips to create a stunning Christmas decoration in your own four walls and celebrate with friends and family! Our editorial office wishes you happy and happy holidays!

Modern is the elegant simplicity


So noble a DIY Christmas candle holder can work


The rusical style fits wonderfully to the Christmas theme


These deer figures symbolize Christmas and have a noble look


Golden balls with candles are ideal as window decoration

Elegant Ball-than-weihnachtsteelichhalter

Together, these Christmas candle holders form a great combination

five great-weihnachtsttehalter-for-window

Simple but creative and effective is this DIY Tealight


Gilded glass is often chosen as Christmas decoration

gold splinter-weihnachtsteehalter Candles

A Christmas message always looks great on a tealight holder


The number 3 and the rustic style fit perfectly to the party


Ideal tea light holder for fans of rustic simplicity

wood-weihnachtsteehalter rustic

You can combine Christmas candles and candles


White is often chosen for tealightholders in minimalist homes

original white-weihnachtsteehalter-diy

This DIY tealight holder fits for Christmas and other occasions


These Christmas tealights are suitable for even the most refined rooms


With silver and candlelight you will radiate any ambience

Silver-weihnachtsteehalter Candles

These rural Christmas tealights remind us of the values ​​of the festival

teelichthalter-of-rough-wood pieces-weihnachtsschmuck

This Christmas candle holder looks both noble and traditional at the same time


The noble glass and the snowflake patterns look festive

snowflakes with-weihnachtsteehalter-glass-

These simple Christmas candlesticks are full of symbolism


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