Creative Tinkering With Clothes Pins Wood

coasters tinker with clothes pegs

Cool ideas for fiddling with clothespins

Here is our second post of the series crafts with clothespins. You will get another dose of inspiration from our craft ideas with wooden clothespins. Very quickly and easily occur one after the other chic, eco-friendly home accessories and original decoration. Our examples here are with wooden Clothespin, but if you want, you can try also quietly with plastic clips. For some of the proposals, it will be necessary to remove the metal brackets and use only the wooden parts. Very often, you can exploit but the mount effect of the whole clothes pegs.

Do you need pot for your plants? We have a practical and free solution for you. Take old tin cans, rub them in a matching colour and attach the wooden Clothespin as below. So, you get original planters in the blink of an eye. Of course, you can decorate the parentheses in a colour of your choice.

Original planters from wooden Clothespin

planters tinker with wooden clothes pegs

Wanted you make snow crystals have always quickly and easily? We have an interesting variant for you. This maiden made of wood are perfect for window decoration and even as coasters for your cups or glasses. Use the same crafting technique as in the Ego², take this time but small glass containers that you put in the wooden circles. This way you get romantic lanterns that you can place anywhere.

Creative snow crystals made of wood

tinker with clothespins wooden snow crystals

Tinker round lanterns out of clothespins and old tin cans

lanterns tinker with wooden clothes pegs

Below you also see how you can create fruit bowl and chic pendant lamp or even a cascading chandelier out of clothespins and using a cable, as well as several metal rings. You look at everything in peace and you will also learn how easy it is, a rustic DIY basket to make. Funny, biting males, which serve as hooks, are our favourites? Surprise your little ones to! You can use even this idea for your crafting with children. Already, think about it where you last time have plugged the old wooden Clothespin? Are they still in the basket on the balcony or perhaps already in the basement? Find it anyway and see what you can do with it. Lots of fun and success!

Find empty tin cans

old Tin can tinker with wooden clothes pegs

Fasten the brackets on the edge of boxes

plate doses DIY instructions with clothespins

Stylish window decoration

snowflakes tinker with clothespins work

Remove the metal brackets

tinker with clothes pins wood DIY

Glue the wooden parts together

tinker with clothespins manual wood

Thus forming a circle

gluing tinker with wooden clothes pegs

These snow crystals are also coasters

coasters tinker with wooden clothes pegs

Design a multifunctional wood Bowl

tinkering with clothes pins wood shell decoration

To get a longer cord

tinker with clothespins wooden spiral

You can also flatter shape the Bowl

tinker with clothespins fruit bowl wood

Make an elegant lamp shade itself

tinker with clothes pins wood brackets lamp shade

Cone-shaped chandelier

chandelier wood tinker with clothes pegs

From below, he looks like a wooden Bell

tinker with clothespins chandelier lamp shade wood

Of particular interest is the chandelier in the light

tinker with clothespins bright chandelier

Instructions for a sweet rustic basket

tinkering with clothespins of rustic basket DIY

Funny, biting coat hook

tinkering with clothespins of creative hooks