Current Trends For The Perfect School Clothes

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The holidays are over and already the first day of school is marked in the calendar. After our editorial an information-rich Selection of school bags We would like to suggest a few ideas and tips on apparel.

The first day of school is a very special day for millions of children. Many photos are taken with teachers, classmates, and even parents who remain as a lifelong memory. For this you have to follow a certain dress code, which has been a must for decades for the first day of school. In the following paragraphs we would like to introduce a helpful selection of outfits.

The appearance is very important on the first day of school


The good news is that there is no default dress code for the schoolchildren. Of course, the style depends a lot on age, but the fashion tips are almost similar for almost all ages. A great similarity can be clearly distinguished among the boys. The classic for a positive appearance on the first day of school is certainly a brand new white shirt that can be combined with many accessories and garments.

Jeans or pants? This question is causing a lot of discussion these days, because jeans are considered official clothing in many countries, which was not the case years ago. If you’ve bought a denim shirt, it’s a good idea to combine it with jeans.

An important point for the right clothing is the weather conditions. In September, the thermometer often drops below 15 degrees on our first day of school. That’s why you can get a stylish jacket for your son. If you do not find something suitable, then you can easily take an elegant jacket, because health always happens.

Combine the different colors


If the first day of school is sunny and warm, then it is recommended for your child to wear a polo shirt with jeans or trousers. Today, Ralph Lauren or Lacoste shirts are considered to be very modern and are widely perceived as universal apparel that can be worn at official events.

Color combinations are very difficult to synchronize on the first day of school. Of course, you can combine a school bag, satchel and outfit in one color palette, but it costs a lot more money and time to plan the day perfectly.

Polo shirt is the new trend among the guys


For the girls, the clothing is much more difficult than the boys. First, you should think about a chic hairstyle. Discuss with your child about the possible variants that are feasible. Suggest some ideas and choose a specific one together.

The outfit consists mostly of 3 classic parts such as dress, short jacket and tights. The color of the pantyhose should usually be neutral, so white. Combine the shoes and the dress in a uniform color and the end result will definitely be great. Put on the colors pink, purple, pink and blue.

Choose a suitable color

dress-for-the-first-day of school

The first day of school is an unforgettable event for millions of children every year and with our tips you will make this day even better and more enjoyable for your child. Take a look at our ideas and comment on the possible variants with your child. Have fun browsing.

The first day of school is an unforgettable memory


Have fun and enjoyment


Jeans and Shirt – The Classic

the first-day of school outfits



combination-schultuete and outfit

nice outfits

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