Curtains Sewing – Useful Tips And Beautiful Ideas

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curtains yourself sewing fresh pattern Orange DIY ideas

Modern curtains sewing – beautiful ideas for those who like to tinker

Most people feel not comfortable, if they have no curtains at home. But that is not all. You have to look also still original and therefore modern. One of the best ways to achieve this is if you the sew curtains.

Decorate the window with your own-made curtains

curtains yourself sewing pattern tips window decorating

Before you begin

Carefully determine the length and the type of curtains you want to sew. Measure the width of the tube or the rail where it will hang. Note: This does not coincide with the window width.

Rail or bar?

Will your modern curtains on a pole or on track hang? That makes a big difference. The hooks on a distance of 10 cm to each other must be positioned to the tracks. There is a trick, as you hide them. You can fold the fabric one or a couple of times. Sew to the hooks on the inside and slightly downward. They would have to lie so that they disappear after hanging from the point of view. The hooks will be hard to miss.

Hang the curtain rod

curtains sewing yellow Frisch Schöne Deko

Fresh pattern with yellow accents

curtains yourself sewing fresh shades of wall color take into account

No matter whether you hang your modern curtains on Rails or rods, you could provide the top with a strip of cloth presented. So you hide some perhaps not entirely successful places.

Curtains with functions of roller blinds

Modern curtains known frame fall us something from the. This applies to both the style, as well as the length and the function. Many modern curtains take over the function of roller blinds. You can also sew those. They can be rolled up at various times and made up. So that it works well, the curtains should make but from a somewhat more solid material.

Roman shade for the kitchen window

curtains yourself sewing curtains for kitchen fresh work

Rules that relate to the various lengths

There are some rules that you should keep depending on the type of curtain:

Long curtains have a centimeter above the ground.
Medium-length curtains should hang one centimeter above the window sill.
Short curtains should hang on one-third of the window.

Sunny window

The location of the window is in the colours of the curtains of fundamental importance. If the rays of the Sun penetrate many hours, the fabric should be as close.

Choose a fabric through which you refresh the room

curtains sewing green long strips carpet of white Chair

Curtains in noble color make opaque look living room chic

curtains yourself sewing Blickdicht purple leather sofa

Curtains and walls

Color, the fabric of the curtains must be adapted to the wall color of the room. Take home a piece of the curtain fabric before making the final purchase. Put it on the wall, to see whether the fabric is color matching. Until then, you can decide to purchase your curtains!

Choose the fabric with fresh patterns for the living room

curtains yourself sewing fresh patterns colored

Combine beige curtain with black curtain rod

curtains sewing tips beige curtain rod

Pimp through the curtains the space on

curtains sewing double Eirichten fresh pattern

Sew curtains for the kitchen

curtains sewing ideas short Gardinene kitchen beautiful wall decoration

You could freshen something up the curtain

curtains sewing beautiful DIY ideas green edges

Short curtains in the kitchen

curtains sewing kitchen green curtains short

Fresh flower pattern

curtains yourself sewing colored pattern beautiful design ideas

Select a matching pattern

curtains yourself sewing rods nice pattern

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