Decorate Fireplace Console For Christmas – Great Options Are Available

Nowadays, there are various heating options, most of which are efficient and inexpensive. No one suffers from the low winter temperatures, but enjoys the maximum of the warmth and comfort of their own four walls. But many house owners miss the crackle in the fireplace and the blazing flame in the oven and like to remember at grandma’s time when the whole family celebrated Christmas and spent many romantic and very cozy hours together. For nostalgic reasons (or rather practical!) Many people at least have a decorative fireplace console at home, they like to decorate and make a real eye-catcher in the room. When this color stands out from the wall, it immediately attracts attention. The fireplace console has an infinite potential in terms of their decoration. Especially at Christmas, the design possibilities are endless. In the following, we would like to introduce you to some great options on how to decorate the fireplace console for Christmas and make it a special highlight.

The festive decoration can also turn the humble fireplace console into a real eye-catcher.

Decorate fireplace console for Christmas

  • Some pre-information on the chimney console never hurts

Of course, you can find in the specialty shops fireplace consoles in different widths and heights and choose them in different designs and colors. However, the most popular models among buyers are those in a minimalist style. Their straightforward form is often paired with subtle nuances of color.

Above all, white is dominant, because this color is wonderfully inscribed in every furnishing concept. Modern chimney brackets are mainly made of plaster and can be easily fixed to the wall. You can easily change this into another room even if the apartment is redesigned.

This white fireplace console is great against the dark blue background

White fireplace console

The console contrasts with the wine red wall and the armchair in front

Chimney console white

Usually you paint the background in a dark color, as you can see in our photo gallery the same. Of course, this is done deliberately, so that the white fireplace console better visually stands out and steals the show in the room immediately. There are also such consoles, the These are mostly made of wood or imitations, and are great for vintage-themed rooms or for a modern-style room. It all depends on your design concept and on what kind of visual effect you want to achieve.

This wood fireplace chimney is complemented by other rustic deco elements

Fireplace console made of wood

  • Decorate the fireplace console for Christmas – great tips and lots of ideas

Now we come to our basic project and want to give you great ideas and a lot of inspiration for the Christmas decoration of a fireplace console at home. But it must be said in advance that most consoles are already decorated. Some have elegant metal fittings, others have intriguing carvings. But only the matching Christmas decoration makes it a real eye-catcher in the room! Many people hang a large mirror over the console and want to make the whole arrangement still fail.

What is stealing the show here? The mirror or the fireplace console?

Chimney console mixed wood white

The beautifully decorated Christmas tree stands next to the fireplace and completes the entire Christmas decoration in the room

Christmas tree fireplace console

The centerpiece of every Christmas decoration is of course the Christmas tree. His place is predestined next to the fireplace. Both look perfect as a couple and radiate Christmas flair all around. The console offers a lot of space for further typical deco elements for Christmas. You can hang festoons of fir trees or acorns, put a few candlesticks on it and complete this decoration with cute figures, as you can see in the next picture.

Christmas gifts, fir garlands and beautiful decorative figures complete the shimmering look

decorate fireplace console Christmas gifts

The good thing about any fireplace console is that you can decorate it according to the season. But Christmas is the best occasion to decorate them skillfully. Just before St. Nicholas’ Day you can hang up Christmas stockings and give the children in the family a special treat. A Christmas wreath, fir green and garlands, even one Christmas star in the beautiful flowerpot in front of it, the fireplace console immediately sets in scene.

This Christmas decoration around the fireplace console is complete

Chimney console garlands fir green poinsettia

The simple Christmas decoration can also be delightful and stylish. The next photo examples prove the excellent. Sometimes less is more, as the minimalists say. Two, three softly glowing stars and a nice message are enough and the Christmas decoration is complete.

Minimalistic Christmas decoration is more than enough in many cases

Minimalist Christmas decoration chimney console

Make a cozy sitting area in front of the festively decorated fireplace console and make yourself comfortable

Chimney console decorate Christmas white

If you decorate a white fireplace console in minimalist style, you can at least put a few color accents here and there

Decorative fireplace surround white

The firewood completes the minimalist design here

Chimney console firewood

Less is often more

Chimney console decoration

Everything knows – a fireplace console, which radiates Christmassy charm

Fireplace console in white

The white, simply decorated console expresses your style and taste

fireplace surround made of wood

But you can also decorate the fireplace consoles in retro style for Christmas and make them a great eye-catcher. Complete your arrangement with more vintage items and complete the decoration! Here’s how to bring minimalism and retro style together.

Chimney console in retro style and simply decorated is also eyecatching!

Fireplace console retro style

This vintage fireplace console offers plenty of storage space and is great for decorating at Christmas

Vintage chimney console

A corner chamber console and many candles illuminate the dark corner of the room


  • At Christmas, the fireplace console shines in the splendor of splendor

Last but not least, we also want to pay attention to the lighting of the fireplace console, because it is well known that festive decoration and beautiful appearance always go hand in hand. You do not necessarily need blazing flames in the stove, so good mood in your home comes up. Decorate the console abundantly with classic candlesticks and pillar candles in various sizes and you have already invited the spirit of the party into the house. In addition, let fairy lights burn and enjoy your creative decoration. Now the time has come and you can already think of the guest list and the Christmas menu.

Our editorial wishes you a merry Christmas!

A very stylish example of a Christmas decorated fireplace console, is not it?

Christmas decorated fireplace console

The white color prevails here

White decoration chimney console

Scandinavian design and simple Christmas decoration in one

Scandinavian design kaminkosole ideas

A fairy light complements the Christmas decoration of the white fireplace console

Chimney console decorated for Christmas

Here it lights up Christmas! White pillar candles, classic candle holders and a beautiful lamp illuminate the chimney console

Decorate fireplace console

Christmas is coming soon!

Vintage fireplace console ideas

Let all candles burn!

Fireplace console decorate Christmas ideas