Decorate With Potted Plants Home – 60 Examples, As You Realize That

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Refresh your interior design with the original use of houseplants

We take the best of the summer? Would you use your whole being to track this season? Way, how to make your home and decorate, plays a very important role. You should on the one hand to the outside open: you must design the garden beautiful or so set up the terrace, so you want to spend your time more often there and feel comfortable. Furthermore we have already written much and you find also plenty great tips to do so anywhere in the network. But there is one other aspect of summer enjoyment, which is often neglected. It’s about the integration of indoor plants in the Interior. There are methods by which you can make in interior dominate even more than before. Disappears as the boundary between the inside and outside and you can enjoy the freshness of summer, even if you are at home. Also, this effort so worthwhile because they can sense the mood of the summer further through the beautifully integrated house plants in the colder seasons.

Houseplants create a special feeling of space

houseplants living room decorating pot plants light grey furniture

Houseplants refresh the minimalist living room

indoor plants living room decorating chic living room furniture panoramic window

Succulents make the living area in an interesting way

houseplants living room decorating plant pot plants wanddeko

Place your plants where they are not expected

In this article we report not just the care of house plants. It’s more about we deal slightly more creative with their use. The plants can be placed not only on the windowsill, a special place to imaginary or in the winter garden. Quietly, they can be used on shelves between the books, as a wall decoration or in the form of a surprising accent. In other words, the House plants, where you least expect them where they look but surprisingly good position. You will find that this method just vermehrfacht the joy of their beauty and freshness. Originally placed plants are great conversation objects and will leave a lasting positive impression with your guests.

Arrange potted plants on the wardrobe

bedroom decorating apartment dekoideen contemporary white walls

Why are you not a flower pot on the side table?

indoor plant dekoideen nightstand bedroom flower pot

Before a green accent wall, make the flower pot

houseplants dekoideen living room design ideas retro look

Replant the bathroom

bathroom decorate apartment planted coffee table

Act specifically against the rules!

This is easier said than done. How does it, that putting the houseplants really original and they look still very good? You need to do two things: you need to bypass the rules and you should rely on your belly and aesthetic feeling.  You need to experiment and observe the results of your tests. Position the plants in a wide variety of places, look at the various options and choose those which give the best results and the best feeling in you. If you want, you can invite some friends or acquaintances to himself and ask also for their opinion.

Place the plant pot on the floor, but a few magazines, orientations and they use as a base

houseplants make yellow living room chair blue carpet wall decorate

Plants bring some freshness in the interior design

houseplants living room dekoideen yellow rocking chair cozy

Combine different plant species

indoor pot plants decorating

Give a practical function the House plants!

Another way to insert the House plants original is to impart those a practical function. You can spice up a dividing wall with climbing plants or the view from one to another room, or  interlock from one to the other zone by strategically positioned house plants. With house plants, you can enrich the wall decoration or restrict the view through the window. On wider shelves, you can hide items based on house plants which must be seen not just by anyone.

Think well where you put the plant in the living room

indoor living room of dekoideen fancy setting up plant

Larger plants tie the look at

houseplants living room stylish carpet decorate

Do you like this unconventional approach to the use of houseplants? Invade other ideas? If you select the appropriate house plants, you should think also of the care. Their house plants must able to develop well indoors, so they need not too much sun and water. We wish you lots of fun and success in achieving your very original concept with house plants!

Don’t forget the regular care

houseplants pot plants properly maintain dekoideen

By orchids decorate the window sill

indoor flower plant window sill of decode candles

Decorate the home with potted plants

decorate apartment potted plant right care

You can decorate the bathroom with plants

bathroom decorate apartment grey bathroom tiles

Plants can bring also a stylish touch to the room

living room decorating home decorating plant cool floor lamp

By providing the flower pot in front of a mirror, make for a nice optical effect in the room

Interior bedroom plant decorate accent wall

Find the right place for the plant pot

plant Interior bathroom design ideas

Plants make beautiful contemporary bedroom

indoor plant bedroom decor sisal rug-white walls

You can use side tables also make flower pots on this

indoor plant its occasional tables pot plant

Plants make the atmosphere fresh and cosy at the same time

indoor plant colored textiles dekoideen bedroom

Accents by plants

indoor plant bedroom accents decorate potted plant place

Up to make the flower pots

indoor potted plant home ideas kitchen

The simple bedroom design by look lively plants

indoor plants living ideas bedroom black carpet

indoor living room plants bright sofa tischdeko

indoor climbing plant bathroom suitable plant

interior decorating plant kitchen kitchen back wall home ideas

indoor plants living room decorating wanddeko pot plants

internal topfpfpflanzen plant wall decorate

Interior plant pot plants living room wood table bright sofa

indoor plants living room decorating leather sofa-bright carpet wall

indoor plants living ideas living room decorating pot plants

indoor plant white sofa living ideas living room rustic coffee table

indoor plants living room decorating stylish living room furniture

houseplants erholen ungecke living ideas potted plants hang plants

houseplants decorating dining area pendant light

houseplants decorate dining area Strip carpet

houseplants living ideas living room wall mirror recreation corner

houseplants bathroom decorating plant bath curtain

indoor plants dekoideen plants living area green sofa

houseplants dekoideen dining room decorating pendant lamp

houseplants of round wall mirror carpet residential ideas dekoideen

houseplants living room set dekoideen lamp wanddeko wall shelf

houseplants living room leather sofa-rustic coffee table decorating

houseplants living room decorating Scandinavian style

apartment bedroom decorating dekoideen potted plant

houseplants living potted tulips decorate retro style

houseplants living potted elegant furniture retro style

indoor plant dining area living ideas decorate

bathroom decorate apartment dekoideen flowers

bathroom decorate apartment fashion white walls dark floors

bathroom decorate apartment white metro tiles vintage bathtub

apartment decorating bathroom ideas tiles mosaic plant

apartment cool austrahlt decorate plant as sloping gray carpet

apartment decorate colorful fresh small living area

indoor plant dekoideen living room fireplace

stay open plan contemporary living ideas decorate apartment topfpflnazen

apartment decorate decorating plant shelving system kitchen

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