Decorating Ideas With Tea Cups Make Interesting Interior Design

decoration ideas flat tea cup flowers Roses

Whimsical decoration ideas with tea cups – so it’s funnier and more attractive in the Interior

Extraordinary decoration can do wonders in your home. And today you can tinker decoration at first glance from completely inappropriate things. Tea cups could suitable also, that want to we show you in this article. Teacups can find wide application in the interior design. Except that you drink flavor-rich tea from them, can they, like almost everything else, by the way, as include decoration in the Interior. We announce a few attractive decoration ideas that inspire you, to use the Teetässchen on a new and untraditional way. We hope you will find a suitable for your home.

The tea cup could become a wonderful gift for mother’s day

decoration ideas flat Teacup functional use

The mini cakes are light pink teacups

Pink Tea Cup mini cake decoration ideas

It has planted colored flowers in the white tea cups

decoration ideas flat colored flower plant pot design

You can turn the tea cups into a beautiful table decorations

decoration ideas flat table decorations spring flowers tea cups

Original idea for the table decorations, isn’t it?

decoration ideas flat table decorations teacups using

Hanging from the ceiling

The dining table and the kitchen island you can hang beautiful extravagant lights that are characterized by their uniqueness, creativity and visual interest.

Simply fascinating lights!

teacups attractive lighting decoration ideas

At the fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, this is a beautiful feminine vintage can get charm by matching tea cups on the mantelpiece there. If you combine different designs, you will certainly achieve a wonderful eclectic look.

Style achieve a vintage

decoration ideas with tea cups fireplace decorating

Small flower pot

It is possible to use the tea cups as planting pots for the houseplants. In this role, they will pull everyone’s attention. Try it and be checking itself, it would work.

Aloe Vera in a tea Cup, considered the plant pot

decoration ideas with tea cup flower pot Aloe Vera

Succulents in beautiful tea cups

decoration ideas flat Teezassen flower pots succulent

Elegant homemade candles

You could place even a great candle in the Tea Cup. In this way, the Tea Cup will find a functional application and at the same time they will give the atmosphere a unique style and a unique touch.

Pink candle in a teacup in golden color

decoration ideas with Pink Tea Cup candle

DIY projects with tea cups

decoration ideas flat candles vintage tea cups

Any idea how you better organize your jewelry

If you stick some classic tea cups together, you will create an original design, where you can store your jewelry. This will spice up the dressing table and you will find faster your earrings or your ring.

Be just creative!

decoration ideas with tea cups home jewelry collection

Keep small items in teacups

idees apartment different tea cups miscellaneous store

Cups, in which you can serve mini cakes

The beautiful ceramic tea cups are particularly suitable if you want to offer the mini cakes in a more attractive way. Your guests will remain certainly fascinated when they see the dessert.

Mini cakes in vintage Tea Cup

decoration ideas with tea cups cake offer

Make a small garden with herbs and spices

You realize this idea, you need a tea service. This mini garden will be seen as beautiful decoration for the window sill, and also, you can use the spices and herbs when cooking some recipes.

Plant herbs and spices in teacups

decoration ideas with tea cups herbs spices breeding

Create a unique wall clock from the tea cups

This can be also a DIY hard-to-implement idea, but at the end of the project you will be proud of the result. You’ll have a whimsical Interior element, which you can use to decorate the Interior wonderfully.

Create fancy wall clock

idees teacups using wall clock DIY

Turn the tea cups into lighting fixtures

This idea has a certain resemblance to the first project, which we have presented to you, but the difference is that each individual Cup is a separate light. In this case the functional links with the decorative, for which are not only lovely, but also great ornaments.

Pendant luminaires tea cups

idees teacups using beautiful light

So, this unusual DIY ideas are quite able to change the common perception of the tea cups. They give the Interior of an individual character as the original decoration. Here are a few cool ideas of how you can turn the tea cups into functional objects.

Create a unique decoration for the home

decoration ideas apartment tea cups use decorative sewing

Also the tea Kettle could perform the same function as the tea cups

decoration ideas apartment flowers decoration

Decorate the table

decoration ideas flat tea cups using flowers

Fresh decoration for the home

idees apartment teacups of schöner planter

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