Decoration And Accessories Of Covers Beautiful Home

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Home Interior design accessories vases decorative sofa

Fresh, summery atmosphere in the living room

The Accessories give the House a soul and distinguish the apartment from a showroom for furniture. Tell stories from the life of the holder and the accessories describe their character, interests, and tastes like symbols.

Maybe even on something you see how and where their heart was broken. However, the design of a House with accessories can be a very tricky business.

What must you keep, what should rather go away and how to combine the things? These are difficult questions. But there are a few universal principles. Has once understood it, virtually nothing can go wrong.

Look around for suitable accessories first. Always again unexpected and well forgotten treasures can be found in the different sections, in which you stored items. Often it’s not up to the thing itself, but also in the manner of the presentation.

Pine cones, shells and stones are wonderful accessories. But they look good when they are gathered in large quantities and inside a beautiful transparent vessel.

Decoration and accessories for a beautiful home

Home Interior design accessories vases sea theme sofa armchair table

Make an arrangement of jewels on a band or feel a bowl of decorative Matchbooks.

On the next trip you could skip the T-Shirt shop and go shopping instead of its accessories.

Want to go rather than to a flea market or a workshop?

Then you get home with a history to the narrative and a very attractive subject.

Do you enjoy the design of the House with accessories? Her friends and acquaintances will know certainly appreciate it during their visit. We have put together some tips for you and hope that you will like them.

You should put any counterpart items on the both sides of a fireplace frame

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home traditionally built-in fireplace

by Christopher Burns interiors

Instead, you should achieve a balance between the groups of different pieces. Arranged one above the other and inspired photographs provide a Pascal look and are much fancier than usual hanging pictures.

In this example, this connects to the decorations create at both ends of the decorative design.

No individual objects in the room should spread everywhere without rules

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home glasses

Rather you should arrange this, where you arrange them similar shades and forms. Combine the different forms, so that a balance between the different ornaments. You should also vary objects of different sizes. The whole thing may seem not to be symmetrical.

This does not apply the demo ration with objects of the same type.

You can combine the objects in a pyramid shape. This, the highest piece must be attached to rear and the lowest – right to the front.

Do you want to use a small object for decoration? Then you combine it with Ribbon or within a bowl with many other items.

You should highlight to low objects through since setting up on a book.

Mix books with accessories

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home bookshelves couch

You should adhere to this rule always, unless you live in a library. The books themselves are wonder decoration pieces. Alone, that’s why you should acquire that.

You must have always a central piece

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home modern living room

The large candles on the coffee table are the focal point in the room. To them, all other items seem to be arranged.

It has gathered some small items on a tray and they act together as a combination. Great looker, isn’t it?

The bowl of apples has the same effect as fresh plants. The whole thing feels like a living arrangement and not something that is here untouched for years.

Creating gradations

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home books sea theme

The object may be not too large or too small for the display area. There should also not be accessories to any table surface.

The eyes and the senses to relax sometimes.

On the coffee table in the figure, all three items have approximately the same size. It has put the coral about a pile of books. So intensifies its effect in the room.

Do you see the relation between the book covers and the colors of the flowers?

Group objects with a similar character

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home curtains sunflowers

Maybe they are connected by a common colour, surface or fabric.

In the picture left, the character, the skull, the box and the shell have the same color. You have also the feeling for history. This also applies to the coffee table itself.

Do you collect anything?

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home rustic straw hat

Please hide your treasures in the cupboard! Place them on the wall. Unless they are to valuable items of course!

The combination of a large number of similar objects gives all this a very high value. Usually, they are not so exciting alone for themselves.

The collection must have not a great value to defend well. The rule of decorating with collections is illustrated by the example of old hats in the figure.

Most things look good in larger groups

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home wood shelf Cabinet

If within a collection more cheap than expensive stuff, then mix them and that may go unnoticed. You can enrich the collection through a newly acquired pieces.

An echo in an accent color

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home orange walls

What does that mean? Has a dominant color to your room? It should be included by some accessories in the room. The orange color of the walls in our example occurs in some items and even in the coral.

Look to the table: the bowl with pedestal raises the Koral and is a focal point within the arrangement there.

Bring joy to your eyes

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home plants Steuerwagen sofa

In this example, the color of the wall is also absorbed by a few more items. The glass Compote on a little table inside represent the small pieces in an original manner.

Achieve harmony

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home classic Herrlich

Jay Jeffers is an interior designer and the design of the accessories is his main talent. The sculpture creates a balance to the strong effect of the light on the console table in his room. The constellation shows a number of other art objects in this corner of the room. These in turn represent a balance to the effect of the photograph on the wall. You also act as a bridge between the things on the floor and the ceiling.

The accessories create surprises

decoration and accessories of Fürs beautiful home murals frame black

Virtually any item can be taken out of the context of everyday life and be treated as a work of art. Each of these can win this incredibly much importance.  Now see the things in your home with different eyes.

White furnishings in the living room – red velvet Chair in the form of flowers modern home interior design chair red flower velvet

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