Decorative Figures Of Ceramics By Shan Annabelle Valla

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decorative figures of ceramic vases flowersDecorative figures made of ceramic by Shan Annabelle Valla

“I’m very fond of white ceramic key.  Don’t you? It all started as I Pell Sania together with my good friend in March 2011 at an ad for Liberty London worked. There she showed me their Vintage Keys – collection, which had together during boot sale on various flea markets. Then it was painted grey stuff. Very clever! She’s really a creative-thinking woman! So she gave me much Ansporm! I began to think about how great it would look like if I white paint and in matte, which I have at home. And in fact, it looked just like ceramic! Since then, I was a great fan of ceramic.

Various, beautiful flower vases made of ceramic

decorative pieces from ceramic flower vases artificial flowers

Well, when I go shopping at flea markets, I like to reach for old keys, you paint in white or neon colors. You can make them as art or pop band or simply as decorative accessories. Everything is great, thanks to the small, but great idea by Sania!”

In 2012 I encounter works the work of Shan Annabelle Valla in London at a show that I attended there and have me immediately in their ceramics in love. A part of its collection, I love to see down here.

Over vintage key from any flea market

decorative pieces from ceramic key interesting

These are not painted – key of any flea market over vintage. They are just wonderful, everyone would want like to own them and show them.

I’m fascinated by Vallas mini vases. You can see it also in the photo below. Aren’t they great? Yes, it’s just amazing with a vintage flair! I wish you much fun watching!

Set of keys

decorative pieces from ceramic key white grey

Collection of decorative bottles with gold-plated bottle stopperdecorative figures of ceramic bottles abundant flower vases, ceramic – ornamented relief patterndecorative figures from ceramic decorated vases retired

Other figurines made of ceramic – round vase full of snowdrops

decorative figures from ceramic flower vases handmade

Ceramic collection – bottles, tea cups and saucers

decorative figures from ceramic dinnerware porcelain

Ceramic butterflies on the cups

decorative figures from handmade ceramica ceramic shell is used as a jewelry box

decorative figures of ceramic shell trinket

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