Delicious Decorating Ideas – A Fresh Design With Fruit Theme

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tasty decoration ideas with äpfleln and metal shine

Tasty decoration ideas – great designs with fruits

Two years ago I thought that works of art in the kitchen only to exhibit are fruit. Then this picture of a children’s room with fruit-themed saw down works of art.

modern children’s rooms with fruit art

tasty decoration ideas pears and apples

So, I have come on the idea that these works fit in everywhere. Today we have chosen three possible fruit art applications for your home for you, and it’s not just about the food…

Of fruits

We start with the obvious. The fruits can be the centerpiece of the room, placed on the table or on the countertop. And it’s easy! Anyway, you eat fruits, why they should be hidden? On the screen we see a hanging basket, full with gifts of the nature.

Hanging basket with fruits

tasty decoration ideas fresh fruit pink accents

Also color in an otherwise neutral room bring the fruits. The main colors of this kitchen are gray, gray-Brown and white, and the double decker Wire basket full of oranges and she revived lemons on the kitchen island.

Fruit centerpiece in a modern kitchen

tasty decoration ideas lemons and oranges

A shell can create miracle with fruits. Choose more, non-traditional exhibition variants. On the next screen, we see a long and narrow range of oranges, lemons and tomatoes. The form and the bright red color of the frame complete the modern tone in this contemporary kitchen.

Fruit and vegetables in a contemporary kitchen

tasty decoration ideas fruit vegetable mix

And why not tasty fruits in glass bowl fill? This decorative solution is located in the bistro kitchen in the picture below.

Glass bowl with fruit in a bistro-style cuisine

delicious decorating ideas Zitrusfürchte in large glasses

These fruits and edible yet another give a festive feeling, even in summer. Fill a long serving Board with groups of fruit, for example citrus fruits for a tropical feel.

Christmas decoration with fruits

tasty decoration ideas colorful centerpiece

Although not the focus of the room, that exhibition can fruit be the focus of the shelf or table. On the open shelves are different pleasures, but particularly striking is the bowl of Green apples.

Open shelves in a bright kitchen

tasty decoration ideas open shelves Green Apple

And they are not just decorative. Place where they are most readily available fruits. For example on the trolley, as the drinks need also lemons.

Fruits decorate the trolley

tasty decoration ideas lemons and tulips

Works of art with fruit theme

Now we continue with the representations of fear through works of art. Of course, it would be difficult to make a mistake with fruit artwork in the kitchen. I like the close-up of the fruits on the image below…

Fruit art in a contemporary kitchen

tasty decoration ideas Orange and Apple painting

Etsy you will find some unique works of art with fruit theme. The berries and lemon shades in this print from Etsy Shop ANEK are particularly striking. There, we have combined a modern look, with live endigend colors:

Summer fruit art

tasty decoration ideas summer mood

The bold shapes and clean lines are always impressive. The PEAR, Orange and Apple artwork below is an art print from Etsy shop prints by Stella chili. The image is inviting, but also smart and definitely not over the top.

Fruits kitchen posters

tasty decoration ideas stylized fruits

The retro fruit of pressure from Etsy shop Hello pants are sent to the vintage look stylized, welcomes the wonders of color and form. You are certainly great in the kitchen, would fit but to every room at home.

Retro fruit art

tasty decoration ideas kitchen posters in Garish colors

The pineapple creates a unique tropical atmosphere. Since we have a print of an original, beautiful Watercolour image… again at Etsy. This print looks great in a room with warm wood tones. But again, it would well everywhere are…

Pineapple Watercolour picture

tasty decoration ideas Pineapple Watercolour

Fruits are only one of the elements of the next painting “Great seafood” by the artist happy Menocal Cuba from New York. This painting is framed in a gold-leaf frame and can be purchased from Jonathan Adler. Such a work would be ideal for the dining room, isn’t it?

Artwork by Jonathan Adler

tasty decoration ideas wall art with food

All examples were until now finds modern fruit. The next screen indicates that fruit also in traditional institutions are well. You are in this elegant dining room with earthly and warm hues in the spotlight.

Traditional dining room with fruit art

tasty decoration ideas traditional and solid

Fruit pillows

The fruits with faces are fun and whimsical, so these pillows are the perfect complement in a living room or bedroom (for adults).

Fruit-themed cushions

tasty decoration ideas pillow in fruits shape

Cushions have a face not all fruit… Sometimes the simpler colorful silhouette on a white background can speak volumes. Bold, cool, and stylish, this large PEAR cushion is available at Etsy Shop.

PEAR cushion

tasty decoration ideas minimalistic PEAR

Another legendary Fund piece Etsy is an eco-friendly pillow Red Apple. It is cuddly and visually impressive. Once again – the fruit are pillows in every room great decoration!

Red apples pillow

tasty decoration ideas cushion Apple half

Fund is the next fruit of wild rabbits burrow… This set of three lemons is made from polar fleece pillow. The clustered fruit pillows are impressive – as always with the digit 3.

Polar fleece lemon pillow

tasty decoration ideas cuddly soft felt pads Orange lemon and lime

The pillow cover with orange peaches from Etsy shopVeeDubz is so nice. The pattern is a bit retro, and the colors are undeniably bold. Take such a capricious and funny article when it comes to fruit pattern.

Fruit pillowcase

tasty decoration ideas Chronicly citrus

What fruit style do you have? Stick to the simple fruit bowl in the kitchen? Or you have already modern art at home? Motto would you make fruit outside the kitchen? Tell us your thoughts…

Perfect Thanksgiving table decoration with lots of berries and pumpkins

tasty decoration ideas harvest thanks to the solid pumpkin

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