Delicious Dessert – Its History And Unusual Ideas For Its Preparation.

The dessert as a direct part of our everyday menus

Big and small around the globe sweeten themselves regularly life, by her after the main meal consume a delicious dessert with relish. Whether it’s at home quickly prepared or served as a first class dessert in the restaurant is the delicious dessert as a sweet seduction, which flatters the palate and at the same time delighted eyes. The word dessert comes from the French “desservir” and literally means “Act”. The etymology of this name is closely connected with the medieval eating habits. At that time, aristocrats and their servants in the same room together should eat. Because the dessert was intended exclusively for the nobility and was regarded as the privilege, should his child withdraw after the main course in another room and obediently serve the dessert the men.

The history of desserts amazed and excited at the same time!

desserts tasty

In ancient times, our ancestors different fresh or dried fruit and sugar roots left. Only after the production of sugar many centuries later fully developed, the first correct desserts came to the world. About this time it occurred to the medieval people, to sweeten the easy ice, to make available to the consumer, and therefore actually to turn it into today’s ice.

At the beginning, it plunged an ice cube in honey and licked them afterwards with lust and pleasure. The water was later replaced by milk mixed with honey, which briefly freeze was out there in the winter on the road. This technique was used until the early 20th century, when the refrigerator was invented and allowed the production of ice cream in the summer!

Thanks to bagann the rapid development of shipping and the numerous discoveries of new lands and continents you in the age of the discoveries with each other to Exchange different dessert recipes. Some imported in Europe and still not completely known ingredients such as cocoa played a significant role in the emergence of new delicious desserts. The delicious taste of chocolate spread at lightning speed around the world, gained more and more importance, and today is considered the most popular dessert around the world!

Delicious dessert – everything that they still had no idea about the desserts


The cassia were quite popular in the Victorian era from 1837 to 1901. At that time there was a strange tradition that was strictly, however, respected by all unmarried women in England. The ladies should lay down namely tart when going to bed under the pillow a bit, to sweet dream of her future husband!
According to the culinary chronicles the first bakery goods come from ancient Egypt – the typical cake gleichte was rather a bread sweetened with honey!
According to the Guiness record book to get the most expensive ice cream in the world only in New York against the small amount of 1000 dollars! The sundae is decorated with 23 carat gold; under this unique Cap made of precious metal put five balls of vanilla ice cream, fresh exotic fruits and a special chocolate from Venezuela! The candy will be served caviar along with a cup and eaten with a spoon made of 18-carat gold!

Would you spend so much money on a single ice cream?

the world's most expensive ice

Mouffet (soft bread) gets its name from the French word of the muffin. First of all, the muffins of a pretty big interest especially in Minnesota enjoyed but Rathe, her fame spread through the whole world! If to make muffins in France for its guests, this gesture as an expression of his love and gratitude is seen and is therefore highly appreciated. In Italy at least four marriage proposals have been announced so far, where the engagement ring in a sweet muffin was hidden!

And according to the story, we move on to the practical part! In our gallery you will find some unusual ideas for original and creative decorating of your desserts!

Delicious dessert in the form of a tender rose

apfle cake in the form of roses

Actually, this rose from apples is prepared!

easy and simple Apple such as rose

What is this? A flower pot or a fancy dessert?

unusual ideas for desserts

A colorful cake for the beginning of spring and the rebirth of nature

fancy cake with roses for spring

The small sweet treats are a delight for all the senses!

Flower bouquet on muffins for spring

Something for the little princesses

muffins as a delicious dessert

very schik and atmospheric

Small muffins in the form of cacti!

Don’t worry! They do not stir!

cactus food without to incite

Can easily and effortlessly at home prepare!

prepare Cactus muffins myself at home

Carrot time! The potting soil is actually scholastic!

Potting soil and carrots

Delicious dessert – look! A butterfly just landed on your plate!

Butterfly on plate

butterflies are around us

When you cut the cake into pieces, a real surprise waiting inside you!

How do you make something

Delicious dessert – prepare yourself to the long-awaited summer holiday?

cake into a fancy shape

party in hawaii

Delicious dessert – just bring the ocean floor directly on the plate!

fancy desserts for her party

tasty treats mimic the ocean floor

Chill out at the barbecue! … Or maybe more in baking!

unusual and innovative muffins ideas

A full English breakfast… UM… Dessert for you?

bacon and eggs as a dessert

Prefer delicious dessert – or you a hotdog?

Cookies such as hot dog

Or you enjoy the best hamburgers?

muffins hamburger

Or perhaps you would prefer spaghetti?

are these real spaghetti

spagehtti muffin

Only for the stylish and elegant ladies!

retro desserts

Shue are delicious

boots you can eat

Delicious dessert – we have something for the sports-loving men too!

strawberries with chocolate

golf food

And of course for the little fly on the wall at home!

interesting ideas

interesting desserts

interesting and unusual muffins

sheep as desseret

cats muffins are a seductionart dessert zubereten

muffins delicious dessert eat

muffins in out Serge homely form

delicious dessert for children

very verfnuegliche desserts

Cookies spin

crazy cake

colorful cupcakes are a delicious dessert

Rainbow in your plate

aircraft on soft clouds

carefully and given

dessert disco evening at home

sweet mini popcorn

Create a creative and unique decoration!

outlandish ideas

games of thrones

delicious dessert preparation

cone shaped delicious dessert

rubic as delicious dessert

delicious dessert made from fruit

Deepak eat and enjoy dessert

nest with butter


chocolate pyramid with raspberry