Designer Decoration Trends For 2014 By Bill Indursky From V & M – “trends Forecast”

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Schike decoration trends Leather Brown sofas runner tables built-in fire

Designer decoration trends for 2014 by Bill Indursky from V & M – “trends forecast”

Are you also by the people who like to make predictions? Like to keep track of developments within a certain period in fashion and design?

Bill Indursky does the V & M from the Museum and after he has observed the development of designer in the last few years, he dares now also in the future require watching. Up to the year 2014!

New classic and Hipp? Yes, that’s also in combination!

The beginning of 2014 brings even the tendency, which was called by Bill “Ancient”. She is, inspired just as many other trends in the history of the ancient Greek and Roman artists. But in this case the old Arts from a very modern, contemporary point of view are represented.

Antique stills – original decorative motifs

designer decoration trends still Neoklassisch idea house

The figures are a very common of ancient warriors who wear but also a number of typical features of modern times.

Neo-classical furnishings – antique decorative elements and patterns

designer decoration trends freeze frame oval wall mirror idea shelves

Antique and modern are combined in one

designer decoration trends still image Neoklassisch massive chest wood table

Be willing to look at very many sculptures, such as busts in 2014. Continue to be created in 2014 many emanating from the classical tradition, but by different elements of modern-looking wall paintings and columns.

So, the symmetry will return and with it also the feeling of timelessness and harmony

designer decoration trends still image Neoklassisch columns White Leather table green

Room-high glittering columns in the stairwell

designer decoration trends still Neoklassisch column white

Beautiful, classic dining room furnishings – striking chandelier classical decoration trends at home dining room gleaming surfaces chandelier

Compact stylish drink bar

At the end of this period you will start then, other ancient sources to draw, such as from the art of the Egyptians. decoration trends stairs beverage bar bar stools wooden flooring of designer decoration trends still image Neoklassisch image Figure conspicuous

Chic, extravagant Home Office – aesthetic equipmentdesigner trends still image Neoklassisch Office desk modern recliner Chair wood

Round and fragmented

You can see a trend, which is preferable to the fragmented pieces for the second quarter of 2014. These include as Windows, geometric shapes and elements that look as if they are the pieces of a body just exploded. Continue the use of the district is modern again. Everything that can be done about running it in this form.

And what is with you? My “trends”forecast is realistic to you or have some other ideas?

Round shapes and lines in the completely white kitchen

designer decoration trends white kitchens fragmented facilities and roundextravagant chandelier in the luxurious dining area

designer decoration trends round fragmented Kronleuchrter chic oval dining table

Staircase – geometric shapes and lines

designer decoration trends staircase railing fragmenting lit

Futuristic restaurant equipment – optical and Visual effects

designer decoration trends dining restaurant modular fragmented wall ceiling

Are you curious? You have much to expect exciting, right? Personally, I’m super curious to see whether my premonitions will meet

designer decoration trends figure shape original weird white

Traditional staircase with exceptional railing – round figures

Designer decoration trends wood flooring railingchic glass table with table base, which looks as a group of atoms designer decoration trends dining table glass top nuclear group base metal

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