Designer Lighting – Wonderful Chandelier Of Hilden & Diaz

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designer lamps lamps Hilden Diaz shadow play

Wonderful chandeliers transforms any room into a dreamlike environment

You to change your room in a lovely atmosphere? We want it show you today how super easy. It can work only through a chandelier. This work was inspired by drawings that have been created by the German biologist and naturalist Ernst Haeckel. Inspired the designers of Hilden & Diazwere of them. It has created an exciting band wires. You light up all together in this valuable work.

Spectacular designer lighting

Even more! If you turn on the lamp, creating in the space in which it is located, a forest of black shadow.

It has formed the forest-like sculpture around like a mirror to their horizontal and central axis of rotation. The mirror effects are projected on the walls. You create wurnderbare patterns, who promote the imagination of the people.

The general mood is affected not only by the form, but also by the intensity of the light. If the lights are insulated, it has a picture of a weak fire in the forest.

Effect: shadow play

Designer light fixtures and lamps Hilden & Diaz

Everything is left to the person how she will interpret exactly everything. Usually, the image is interpreted as a forest, which is illuminated by a camp fire.

Still people are viewing this as an underworld, populated by monsters and bad beings.

The meaning of this light is to bring the authentic forms of nature home. You found your lovely site. Because in contrast to the real experience in the forest, you are here at home. You can enjoy the beautiful effects of the forest and its shadow, without however to experience the fear of usual for this situation.

Create forest atmosphere

designer lamps lamps Hilden & Diaz shadow play effect chandelier

The whole thing must be combined with monochromatic colors on the wall. They can be white, but also others. Especially appealing, we found the variant with blue.

Especially in the bedroom, you could put such a lamp to spread gorgeous and romantic mood. Combine you need it however with Beistellampen may be placed next to the bed.

Because you can not brighten up the atmosphere finally.

Bedroom ideas with light and shadow

designer lamps lamps Hilden & Diaz shadow play bedroom ideas

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