Discover Fragrance And Beauty – Your Full Personal Aroma!

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Fragrance and beauty at home

We do a little brainstorming? What makes a man at home particularly relaxed? Apart from the human factors, the order and a delicious scent play a very large role.

Fragrances very much associated with our emotions. You lead us on a half-conscious level, to relax, to feel comfortable, or to be in turn more energetic and lively. Surely this more than once also located at home observed have you, right?

Essential oils from medicinal herbs are especially recommended

fragrance and beauty oils herbs

Think even bread or your favorite cake of the beautiful smell of coffee in the morning, to do so. Some real estate agents say that flavor in the sale of flats are also very important. If a House is already inhabited, and must be sold, then wonder could accomplish for freshly baked bread smell with the motivation of a buyer. Because it really smells like home.

You could maintain even your beauty by the fragrance

Scents seem to have a much deeper impact than many people might think. You can accelerate the processes very approximately for beauty procedures and make more efficient. So how are fragrance and beauty together, when it comes to different areas of your body? We want to explain that our examples below short and sweet.

Indulge your senses with beautiful summer scents

fragrance and beauty summer aroma

The fragrance and beauty of the skin

Do you have very dry skin? Essential oils of geranium can be (Geranium macrorrhizum), rose, cedar and sandalwood (lignum santalinum) very helpful you. You can apply them to all possible ways, including inhale. In all cases, you will feel a beneficial effect. Jacaranda tree extracts and Chamomile (Matricaria) are very soothing for sensitive skin.

Lavender has a calming effect and promotes sleep

fragrance and beauty Lavender products

Tea tree oil has a very strong and fast, antiseptic effect. It’s the only fragrance oil, which can be brought to bear without dilution. Carry it in your pocket. You can apply it with clean fingers or cotton, if you get a pimples.

Essential oils against cellulite

Here you could use best cedar. The fragrance oil it helps very much further for the drainage of the lymph nodes. Just make the problem in the heart: cypress trees represent another means by which you can contribute to the solution of the same problem. Thus, the circuit is promoted. Both fragrances bring the best results for massages.

Try the refreshing effect of essential oils from exotic fruits

fragrance and beauty oils essential exotic

Make yourself fragrance oils from local herbs and flowers

fragrance and beauty homemade

An aromatic foot bath in the evening do you particularly well

fragrance and beauty foot bath aroma

DIY bath balls with dried petals

fragrance and beauty hand made bath salts balls

Handmade olive oil SOAP

fragrance and beauty handmade soap

Select your own personal flavor!

fragrance and beauty handmade soap aroma

The exciting aroma of fresh coffee

fragrance and beauty coffee aroma SOAP

The secret of chocolate

fragrance and beauty Aroma massage chocolate

Wear light, delicate perfumes

perfume beauty light perfume

Ultimate spa feeling

perfume beauty massage relaxation

Create beautiful beach atmosphere at home

beauty sea scents perfume

Natural rose water – soothing and refreshing

fragrance and beauty rose water

The magnificent orchids provide an exotic ambience

beauty soft Orchid perfume

The Seychelles – quality full and fragrant from The White Company

fragrance and beauty of Seychelles cosmetic

The unmistakable scent of Christmas

perfume beauty wind er fragrances cloves Orange anise

Zen-feeling pur

perfume beauty Zen Asian Spa

Fresh face water lime and Mint for the summer

perfume beauty lemon Mint

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