Discover The Multi-faceted Variety Of Balcony Plants!

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Spring Awakening on the balcony with the right balcony plants

If the ice Saints may have adopted, you can plant out also the heat-loving herbsflowers and vegetable plants on the balcony. Unlike in the garden and on the terrace always also the weight of planters plays a role on the balcony. Who wants to equip his balcony with a display of flowers as well as vegetables and fruit, should choose lightweight planters and keep the weight in mind.

Boast the color and fragrance of flowers and herbs

Very sexy, a mixture of traditional balcony flowers looks like petunias, roses, Pelorgonien and Clematis with flowers. Daisies, suitable forWhite Yarrow and bluebells. Also Cranesbill, vetches and daisies, and many others look pretty in combination with the popular balcony flowers.Particularly graceful, various grasses of the types of care or blue fescue acting between the flowers. A feast for the eyes is the dark Mahagoniegras that attractive highlights in addition to flowers such as daisies, yarrow, white petunias.

The culinary herbs feel between all of these flowering plants. Put thyme, oregano and Rosemary and parsley, chervil and chives between the flowers.

These herbs bring a spring-like flair on your balcony with its scents of the Mediterranean

balcony plants flowers herbs planting

Crops grow well in the bucket

Fruit plants for garden and balcony are useful and look good. The slightly larger fruit, however, need a large bucket of at least 40 to 50 litres. Today, there are a variety of apples, cherries, and pears for the bucket. As well, you can cultivate peaches, plums and plum on a sunny balcony. The same is true for berry bushes. To choose a good potting soil and just get the optimum fertilizer for your fruit. Kiwi and strawberries can pull attractive rank substructures.

Vegetables such as cucumber, courgettes, beans and tomatoes also draw vertical and require little space. Of the most vegetable varieties, there are specially bred balcony varieties that can be easily grown in pots and boxes. But also the ordinary garden tomatoes thrive on a sunny and sheltered spot on your balcony, when the planter is big enough.

Make a selection from the many possibilities and enjoy gardening on your balcony!

balcony plants flowers Geraniums Palms

Small balcony can look particularly comfortable in this way

balcony plants flowers Roses violet Ivy

Create your own special garden on the balcony!

balcony flowers summer flowers petunias Ivy

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