DIY Ideas: Fairy Light Theme For Lovers As A Decoration Idea For Wall Design

Fairy lights DIY ideas like the following are current at many times of the year. Of course, a fitting occasion would be Valentine’s Day, but why not Christmas, the time of love and attention. You’re probably wondering why we’re dealing with it at the beginning of summer? Maybe because at the moment the topic”weddings” and thus the romance reach its climax. The following string of lights idea shows that the theme of partner and family love can be useful for wall design or for other decorative purposes, without this being too obtrusive.

Practically anyone can make this fairy tale quite easily themselves

Woman is making a fairy lights

With this DIY idea, you can make a strong statement in the room

frontal view of fairy lights

What does the string of lights tell us about the universal modern wall design?

Can a You and Me string of lights decorate our wall throughout the year, leaving a good impression? Take a look at this example! It proves: Surely something like that goes. What does this type of Decorating ideas so universal? First, that’s the decision for a topic in itself. Wall designs and decorations on general topics such as love and partnership have been in vogue for several years. Universally, this chain of lights also works thanks to the Application of natural materials , Furthermore contributes to the good impression of the minimalist style in which this wall design was executed. In addition, fairy lights naturally illuminate the interior. This is exactly what many modern homeowners are aiming for..

For such fairy lights you need very few materials!

Fairy lights materials at a glance

The materials for the DIY project

The materials needed for this homemade fairy lights are relatively clear and easy to find. Here you are at a glance:

– fairy lights with green leaves,
– aluminum copper colored wire,
– Wire cutter,
– Masking tape.

Start crafting the DIY idea with the adjustment of the wire!

adaptation to the wire fairy lights

Realization of the DIY idea step by step

Extend the wire and shape the letters. In some cases, this helps if you first write something on the wall and use the writing as a template. The small mistakes are not a problem. Thanks to the leaves of the fairy lights, the small imperfections are hidden later!
The second step involves wrapping the fairy lights around the wire. Once you have done this, it will come to light.
Finally, adjust the light chain to the wire a little, so that a neat and even appearance comes about. Use the masking tape to conceal the battery box and attach it to the wall behind it.
Our extra tip: Paint the battery boxes in the same color as the wall behind them.

In the second step you have to adapt the fairy lights to the wire!

Fairy lights and wire idea

So you can individualize this fairy lights idea

It may be that you will not find a fairy lights with the same appearance as these on the example. Another natural theme would probably look just as beautiful. Finally, you can choose a different motto for your wall design. It is only important that the whole thing remains minimalistic and simple and ultimately looks purely visually beautiful. Fitting would be a Wandungsaltung practically for all rooms in your apartment. You could even pick different mottos for different venues. We wish you much success!

You need the masking tape for hiding the battery boxes and sticking the fairy lights to the wall!

Fairy lights adapt to the wire

“You and Me”is one of many possible inscriptions for such a wall design!

big romantic fairy lights

The individual details should be carried out carefully!

Fairy lights a detail

You can adjust the small discrepancies afterwards

Fairy lights you detail idea

So a DIY project will brighten your interior!

me - detail of a fairy lights

Combine the fairy lights project with other natural deco

Fairy lights small vegetable detail

This example shows the great effect of the fairy lights decoration!

Fairy lights overall view up close