Egg Sewing – The Unforgettable Time With The Children Is Imminent

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ideas for egg colored caps

Egg sewing is a great DIY project for the whole family

If you want to spend an unforgettable time with the children, you can make a DIY project such as egg sewing . At Easter to take such projects often. Is it isn’t connecting but not mandatory that an idea, to a specific party? You can have more fun time with the family, and especially with the children. With pleasure and lust to pleasure the child. However, there is at most the exact idea of what you could do. Here I give a few great tips in pictures as you can sew egg cosy by the colored fabric or felt.

Spend the best time with your children

DIY decorating egg sewing animal motifs

Felt you can tinker with many ornaments and applications, which you can then sew a hat for example. Wool can take also very convenient in usage by tinker funny figures or small dolls. Can you knit? With a little yarn, you can make much if the imagination on. The color palette is rich. You can knit, small winter hats for no more than an hour. Just sew a Pompon to at the end. Colorful winter hats as egg bring mood and fit to the target. Ninjas, chickens, cute bunnies, and many other animal patterns are acceptable as variants. The most important is that the project as a family game is.

Three sweet little birds

DIY project egg sewing chickens

Lose more time! Inspired by my photos and get yourself an unforgettable time with your family, full of emotions!

Egg cosy felt hat with bird motifs

DIY egg sewing cool birds motifs

Egg craft project with chicken motifs

DIY project egg sewing cock subject

Gloves for cooking – egg

DIY egg sewing glove cooking subject

Another idea with flower pattern

DIY project egg sewing glove cooking motif stained

Sew Pompom to the winter hats

project egg sewing winter Hat Bobble

Second idea for winter hats with Pompon

egg colored sewing jewelry winter Hat Bobble

Funny figures of wool crafts

DIY project egg sewing wool

Great rabbits

great egg sewing decorative rabbit decorations

Colorful girl figures

egg sewing DIY project of colorful characters

Atmospheric applications

egg sewing DIY animal pattern

Pink flowers decorate the egg

great ideas for egg sewing

Felt making chicken

ideas for egg sewing chicken

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