Еine Traditional Kitchen Modern Design

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traditional kitchen modern design brick wall white blue Cabinet wood

How to make Evangelical traditional kitchen modern a few improvements

Yes, certainly there is a dignity to have a house in the 17en century. This is a cultural heritage, but… as a modern man feels very constrained. The area of 105 square meters appear just too tight one.

It has tasked the designers and architects of the company of Nick Pearce, to gain more space. The mission was to keep the walls, but to provide much more space.

Has provided the different niches with varied functions and clearly separated the hygiene rooms and dining room.

In result of an unconventional plan materialized, but the bright and easy-looking color palette, the window and carefully selected luxury items have contributed to the creation of a classic style.

The kitchen at a glance

Who lives here: an English family of four

Location: Buckinghamshire, England

Size: 105 M²

The exposed beams and brick around the fireplace around belong to the original construction

traditional cuisine modern design kitchen rear wall tiles wood cabinet

Pearce has simply painted the tiles in white and has installed new tile on the rear panel. The previous owner of the House had the Aga stove, which exactly fits.

The wood panels on both sides ranging down to the floor and create very narrow shelves on both sides. There, you can gather now wonderful spices and ingredients.

The family wanted to also achieve a bright mood due to the applied materials

traditional kitchen modern design brick wall white establishment

It has cream about kitchen cabinets in Kashmir. These are found in the wet and difficult to access areas.

That includes around the preparation areas for eating and around the sink. Black Walnut wood surrounds the work surfaces and makes the room look so soft.

In this figure, you can see what looked like the kitchen with the old material

traditional cuisine modern figures wood cabinet black white kitchen back

Before and after

It was still dark and absolute old-fashioned. It has stowed the space with the all work surfaces that there was hardly room to move.

After the change, it had bright, bluish nuances

traditional kitchen modern design brick wall white blue Cabinet wood

This is certainly a courageous, but successful decision. It works also great with all remaining materials.

As mentioned previously, nothing was allowed to be changed on the floor plan. That’s why exact thoughts, they did themselves to what function they give each individual room. They have assigned a certain corner the flushing and cleaning up.

The family eats in the kitchen island and then she brings everything to the sink

traditional cuisine modern Gestalten sink large window rear panel

If the dish has grown, you can store it easily in the area for this purpose.

Of course, this is an unusual solution, but probably it is the best thing you could reach in these circumstances. It moves freely in a triangle and the sequence of actions is clear and concise.

The new kitchen layout extends just as earlier over 105 square meters

traditional cuisine modern Gestalten panel wall refrigerator

The cooking zone is located in one corner and the rinsing – zone in the other. The fridge is located between them.

A pullout makes the work with the cabinets functional mechanism

traditional cuisine modern figures wood refrigerator open drinks

The Windows are located on the two long sides. They are free and that’s why there’s enough natural light in the room.

This House is an example of how one can create a modern apartment in a historic building

traditional cuisine modern figures wood institution countertop

This is an example of the love of history and creativity with the interior design. Could somewhere apply a solution for you?


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