Elegant Ceiling Design And Beautiful Wall Decoration In The Patchwork Style

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AHL architects modern apartment interior design drop light/pendant

Chic ceiling design and modern wall decoration in a contemporary apartment with wooden Venetian blinds

Have you sought is for a contemporary and interesting design of your apartment? The question is however, how can this be achieved? The designer solutions are always imbued with style and extravagance. Just a designer we will announce today idea. In this article we suggest solution a beautiful and great Interior, which is connected to the wall and ceiling design . It’s about a modern equipped apartment located in Viet Nam. The design of this isolated House is a work of AHL architects. It has wooden Venetian blinds used to adorn the ceiling and the walls of the apartment. Do you consider this in detail?

The dining room is located in the middle of the apartment

ceiling design patchwork style chic pendant luminaires of AHL architects

This apartment is located in Ecopark, a green area of Viet Nam. This is an area with many ancient trees, low building density and the House seems to be hidden between the trees. On the weekends you want to rent a House, so that many people can relax here and recover. The main rule was that interfere only in the interior design architects, and not to change the outer appearance of the House. One wanted to influence the total appearance of the area. The location where the apartment is located, was the leitmotif, to formulate their interior ideas and to put into practice. Natural, simple and slightly rustic House to act.

Comfortable and natural apartment amenities

ceiling design ideas of open living plan living room of AHL architects

The chic design of the ceiling with wooden Venetian blinds brings the whole apartment closer to nature

ceiling design of AHL architects wooden shutters of rustic wood table

A comfortable apartment, tucked behind ancient trees, representing a strong connection between the outdoor and indoor area

AHL architects apartment garden flowers Innenarchitaktur

The floor design was changed so that contributes anything to the creation of more comfort and a new look. The side terrace was connected to the living area thanks to sliding door systems which seems be more natural as the whole.

The pieces of furniture have a rustic look

AHL architects apartment dining room ceiling design

In the middle of the apartment leaving an empty space, so that the rooms on the first and second floor can correspond better with each other. Side are two wooden blocks that represent the main areas of the apartment. This wooden block starts from the wall of the second floor and ends with the ceiling of the first. He has also a secondary function, and indeed the whole technological system of the first stick invisible to leave.

The colored Dining chairs bring a fresh touch in the House

AHL architects dining room Farige chairs flowers

The wooden blocks from the bottom seen

ceiling design of modern apartment of AHL architects

Maximum well the natural light illuminates the dining table, which is located in the middle of the empty space, and gets a natural ventilation by out there.

Fall Halloween pendant lights over the dining table

ceiling design of AHL architects terrace pendants

Concrete floor design optics

ceiling design wall decoration AHL architects surface luminaires pendant luminaires

Bamboo, polished concrete, cement walls and solid wood for the furniture pieces are the main materials used in the realization of the project. For the completion of the overall look you used then decent rustic details.

The ceiling in the bedroom was designed just as with wood

ceiling design bedroom of AHL architects apartment

Living room with blue sofa and rustic coffee table

AHL architects apartment elegant living room rustic

Beautiful wall decoration of the bedroom wall

ceiling design beautiful wall decoration bedroom of AHL Architacts

Inspirational interior design

ceiling design wall decoration wooden Venetian blinds bedroom

Patchwork Dining chairs

mural ceiling design modern apartment of AHL architects

Wood makes the Interior look more comfortable

AHL architects apartment bedroom wall decoration

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