Elephant Ear Plant And The Care That You Need

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exterior garden design decorating elephant ear

Elephant ear plant: so you deal with it!

For those who do not know plant the elephant’s ear , it would be good first to explain why this is good at all to have. You can reach that bold tropical effect in any any ambience. The name comes from the lush growing leaves, which in fact are reminiscent of elephant ears. Do you want the elephant ear plant at home? If so, then we have below some Einsteigertipps, which would help to maintain them properly.

Ear plants with dark leaves

elephant ear leaves dark garden plants

Leaves of plants ear with interesting color

garden decorating plant elephant ear flower pot

Colour and joy in the garden

huge elephant ear plant garden plants

So putting right the elephant’s ear in the own garden design

The paths are numerous, how to use the elephant ear plant home properly. There are at least three different subspecies. Or better said, the elephant’s ear is a slang term of the following types: Haemanthus albiflos, Riesenblättriges arrow sheet (Alocasia macrorrhizos), Kalanchoe beharensis. So, you could purchase the elephant’s ear in different sizes and shapes. Meet the individual species first well before you decide. Depending on the type, they could serve as background, land cover, accent or focal point. One could thus also wonderfully flanking paths and courtyards.

Alocasia macrorrhizos

elephant ear plant Alocasia Macrorrhizos type

Plant ear leaf with a drop in the Middle

elephant ear flower pot care garden plants

Kalanchoe beharensis

elephant's ear of Kalanchoe Beharensis garden plants

Plants ear style with beautiful white flower

elephant ear plant Haemanthus Albiflos flower

Some individuals have really huge sheets

elephant ear plant Riesenblättriges Fielblatt Alocasia Macrorrhizos

The bulbs of the elephant ear plant

Here comes the good news: the planting of the elephant ear is really very easy. Most plants love rich, moist soil and can grow in full sun. Basically they prefer partial shade but. The tubers can be quiet immediately after be moved out as soon as the first spring temperatures there are. You should be at a depth between 5 and 7 centimeters.

Elephant’s ear in the flower pot

elephant ear plant Haemanthus Albiflos red flower pots

Elephant’s ear will attract a great attention in the garden

elephant's ear care garden design plants

The elephant ear plant care

Once it has grown a bit already, the elephant ear plant requires no attention. Just beware that in dry periods it regularly must be watered. This particularly applies to the case when the plant in flower pot is used. Although it is not absolutely mandatory, you should consider whether you have not a fertiliser that dissolves slowly in the soil.

Combined with other plant elephant ear

exterior ideas plant elephant ear giant flower pot

In the winter the elephant ear can’t survive out there actually. The cold temperatures destroy the leaves and also the flower bulbs. The plants should be placed in containers and brought into the House. Cut off the leaves. Only a few centimeters should remain there. This should be done with the first signs of frost. Dig up the bulbs and put them in plant containers. Allow a few days to dry off the latter. This should be done best in a dry, dark place. Then place them in Brown Moss peat or chips. Then you should put the whole in a cellar. It must be at least dark and dry. So let the onions of the elephant ear plant winter.

Make elephant’s ear to the window

elephant ear plant Haemanthus Albiflos type

Elephant’s ear by the Kalanchoe of type of beharensis

elephant ear plant Kalanchoe Beharensis species

Kalanchoe beharensis flowers

elephant's ear Kalanchoe Beharensis species flowers

Elephant’s ear under stones

garden design decorating elephant ear stones

The elephant’s ear can be a beautiful decoration for the garden

design garden plant elephant ear garden ornaments

Different elephant ear combine species in the garden

plant green grass garden plant elephant ear

Elephant’s ear next to the garden fence

garden plant elephant ear dog stones

Elephant’s ear from the species Haemanthus albiflos

Haemanthus Albiflos elephant ear plant care

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