Elephant Figurines – Luck With Practical Application

decorating and creative figures with elephant figures

Decorative ornate elephants the ambience

Elephants are considered auspicious symbols and putting like small elephant figurines at home as a chic ornaments. These radiate positive energy and happiness and well-being in the House a land. Whether that is a superstition or not, the elephants are actually hochgeehrt in Asia. We suspect that the reproduction elephant figures thanks to the doctrine of Feng Shui have been brought to Europe. And so, we decorate our homes with chic little decorative elephant. After voklstümlichem superstition elephants should show with hanging proboscis with raised trunk towards window and this direction of the door. It is believed also that it should have exactly 7 piece.

We can not be sure but that a well ordered collection of elephants would bring family happiness in your home. But we’re pretty sure that creative and modern could decorate your home using elephant figures. And the function of certain characters is not only purely aesthetic but also practical. Take a look at the following examples and you will be fascinated.

Elephant figurines – luck with practical and decorative application

elephant figurines and ornaments wall decoration

Wall decoration with decoration elephants

Whether in the form of a painting or a giant elephant head wall decoration with decorative elephant can be very attractive and original.

Wall decoration decorative elephant head

Elephant figurines wall decoration ideas with elephant decoration

Can come up with ideas in DIY style. The image below can serve you as an inspiration.

elephant figurines Wandeko creative painting elephant give your creativity free rein

Elephant child’s Chair

A children’s chair with elephant shape of the iconic furniture brand Vitra can be perceived as decorative items. And its practical application is still undisputed.

Vitra Eames elephant child’s Chair

elephant figures designer chairs high chairs

Elephants on the Bookshelf

What should I look for elephant on the Bookshelf? So they are actually perfect bookends…

If an elephant and a giraffe close friendship…

elephant figures Bookshelf creative figures

MOM and baby elephant

elephant figures Bookshelf creative decoration design elephant

Original bookmarks

bookmark elephant figures Büche round funny ornaments

Shower curtain with elephants

Shower curtains offer for creative design and a variety of prints. Why also not an elephant couple?

Shower curtains can give the bathroom a cosy atmosphere

elephant figurines shower curtain with decorative elephant

Decorative table lamps

A shining ornaments – this is exactly the one pictured including elephant table lamp.

Matching bedside lamp for the baby’s room

elephant figures wood shelf decorating decoration elephant

Elephant chain of lights

elephant figurines creative lighting and decoration ideas

Fun accessory adorns the wall socket

elephant figures table lamp socket

Other home accessories

Below you will find more home accessories in the form of elephants, that would make your everyday life more fun and enjoyable. In this sense bring Elephants figures definitely lucky.

Cookie cutter for biscuits

elephant figures for biscuits baking

Succulent flower pot

Elephant figure pot plant decoration elephant bucket

Baby elephant ring shaped

elephant figures original rings baby elephant

Tea Cup with trunk handle

elephant figures black white Teacup

Cute tea ball Infuser

elephant figurines tea drinking tea egg decoration elephant

Wine rack made of wood – the shape fits perfectly

elephant figures wine rack wood decorative elephant

Elephant curtain holder

elephant figurines white curtains

This drip vessel you can order here

elephant figures Zahnbrsten container with elephant form