Example Of Near-natural Modern Architecture In Higashi Ohwada, Japan

Life in remote villages is becoming more and more a rule and is no longer a weird and strange idea. That’s why many future residents are constantly looking for suitable building concepts for it. The modern architecture offers very varied solutions all over the world. With some changes and adjustments, these can be built in many places. Such an example is described in the following lines.

Modern architecture and the beauty of the surrounding nature are in harmony

view of a great ceiling modern architecture

Modern architecture made of wood

The present example of modern architecture is located in Japan in the middle of a bamboo forest. This type of wood is also the main building material that was used. As a result, the inhabitants feel in harmony with the surrounding nature.

The openness and minimalist style in the interior leave plenty of room for nature inspiration

bathroom furniture modern architecture example

The selection of the right place

The selection of the right place is becoming increasingly important in modern architecture. You do not try to make the most of unfavorable terrain, but rather to choose great ones. This approach was originally particularly characteristic of Asian buildings, and now – for building around the world. In the case of this house, one sought a remote, but easily accessible corner in the forest. In addition, it has been positioned so that it is near a small river. The sound of its water adds to the well-being.

The access to the house is spectacular and varied

Modern architecture view at night

Open and well-structured interior

The interior design looks very open and at the same time optimally structured. You experience variety between rooms with large Windows and great views and solid facades behind which you can completely switch off from the outside world. At the same time you have enough living space to feel really comfortable. The building has two functions – it is used for living and as a studio by a photographer.
On the ground floor is mainly the living space and in the second, there is only the studio. Both floors are connected by stairs.

You have a beautiful nature view from almost all rooms

modern architecture bathtub bathroom furniture

Living as a nature experience

The wide and open spaces ensure that you have the desired living comfort. At the same time, the interior looks very reserved and neutral, both by the selected architectural forms, as well as by the colors. Thanks to this approach, the nature experience is much more intense. In this case, it is also particularly exciting, because it works very differently depending on the perspective. Spectacular is not only the perspective to the outside, but also the exterior view of the house. The concept is also interesting for the access to it, which looks very different from every page.


The window positioning offers interesting perspectives to the outside

modern architecture interior design with windows

The interior looks very open and well structured at the same time

bright room modern architecture

You left a lot of space on the terrain

modern architecture interior design

The example of the kitchen shows perfect planning in terms of ergonomics

modern architecture kitchen design

This modern architecture is perfectly integrated into the environment

modern architecture in the middle of nature bird's eye view

Everything in this modern house is subordinated to the enjoyment of nature

modern architecture open plan big windows
modern architecture rough exterior
modern architecture beautiful view
modern architecture great glazed side
modern architecture great workplace

White and brown are the two main colors of this architecture

modern architecture great window
room distribution insight modern architecture
solid facade modern architecture
great home decor modern architecture
staircase modern architecture idea

In the evening, the house is a great contrast to the natural environment

bird's eye view modern architecture
access example modern architecture