Exotic Decoration With Tropical Plants – How You Can Properly Care For Bromeliads

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exotic decoration with tropical plants a great colorful collection

Exotic decoration with tropical plants – rugged elegance with bromeliads

Do you want to move to the world of bromeliads and are really familiar with this family of tropical plants?

You can represent a compelling contrast piece to your table, or you can have a fascinating decorative effect at any point.

The most bromeliads species have oversized, dramatic, resistant to the complicated terms of the outer leaves. You like these plants due to their fascinating adaptability. They are also a popular gift.

The Bromeliad is a beautiful and relatively long-lasting alternative to the arrangement of cut flowers

exotic decoration with tropical plants N of the lobby

The latter are ideal for bedroom or in combinations with other plants.

You could purchase for example a simple Bromeliad of the Vriesea type. She has an exotic tropical style and can harmonize ideally with a red Chair. Many of this kind of plants grow on the branches and trunks of trees. The rocks are the natural place for their growth. And here something very interesting: the Bromellie belongs to the family Bromeliaceae and whose best-known relative is the pineapple.

The image shows the variation of Aechmea weilbachii. It has red stems and purple flowers.

They were wonderfully combined with Lavender tiles in this example

exotic decoration with tropical plants purple flower mother of Pearl tiny tiles

The bromeliads can no longer than three months survive flowers. Depending on the better the conditions, the longer you can enjoy their beauty.

This type is not capable of a Rowen. The kindness of the owner the small “pups” are plants in their base. They appear within the first two years of the flowering and can arise from which the next generation of bromeliads.

After the blowing away of flowering, you can enjoy the plant itself is still for a while.

Their beauty is made up in this period in the beautiful green leaves and the rosette form.

A black Bowl serves as the perfect place for this bright green leaves

exotic decoration with tropical plants, colourful kitchen mirror fresh on the kitchen island

It is also for the uniform appearance in the room with other black items.

Bromeliads form groups in oblong container, providing a unique tropical atmosphere in the pictured ambient.

You can see here the Guzmania rana plant

exotic decoration with tropical plants orange flowers as a pot plant on the table

This is very strongly reminiscent of the ginger. This comes from South America, but somehow rather ensures an Asian flair.

The preference for bromeliads is a rather modern trend from the point of view of many people. In fact, their care was very popular also around the year 1800.

This happened by chance, because you could not distinguish them and the orchids.

You find the living wall of Bromellien this figure so overwhelming as I? You could achieve this effect also in smaller dimensions.

A lush green creation with purple accents

exotic decoration with tropical plants living wall decoration

However, for success you must know right well the needs of these plants. While you acquire the necessary knowledge, you could work on some creative mixtures of Bromellien and other plants.

Do you get the look of the lower figure somewhere in your home?

You could for leaning on a table on a side wall and put a single Bromeliad on these

exotic decoration with tropical plants stone wall and lighter rattan chair

Also the surrounding decorative elements are more expressed by this approach.

Secure the Bromellien plenty of room for its roots. You can make arrangements in unusual cases. Often it’s forms, which are out of character and impossible for other plants.

The robust plants are also very frugal

exotic decoration with tropical plants easy and robust

Also the grouping of several bromeliads in a flower pot would be possible. Down they go super with the trapezoidal shape. The flowers are like a gorgeous reflection of clouds in the painting on the wall.

It gives a very interesting dynamic this combination of Regina Kurtz the otherwise very quiet room

exotic decoration with tropical plants modern wall art

The bromeliads in beds of stones can be planted in the exterior. Why can you not transfer actually in an Interior?

In the example here, we have to do with the way Nidularium

exotic decoration with tropical plants grey pebbles

You want to be more creative?

Combine the bromeliads with other plants.

In the figure it has combined plant wonderfully the Aechmea species Bromeliad with a foxtail

exotic decoration with tropical plants Antennaa water fountains of pink flowers

You can attach bromeliads besides the tribes of almost all Palms

exotic decoration with tropical plants in addition to Palm

This should learn about the different demand for water. The mentioned type Aechmea is it particularly resistant and can survive very long under different conditions.

They can be identified on the flashy light pink cover. This can survive for 6 months to the. The mother plant can survive many years.

Basic knowledge about the handling of the bromeliads

Temperature: The bromeliads can grow under different weather conditions. But ideal would be between 12 and 29 degrees.

Light: Hell! Filtered or indirect light is the best choice for these plants. The variations with the weathered, gray leaves like more heat and the strong rays of the Sun. Nidularium and Vrieseas Guzmania originate from the tropical rainforest and can survive in very dark conditions.

Water: The bromeliads can survive even in very dry conditions. The best you should have make the Earth more likely only damp or extremely dry them between the various irrigation systems. Too much water can be harmful and even help the rotting of the roots.

To avoid Stagnattio and mineral deposits, you can hit the plant with fresh drops of water. If that’s too heavy, you back up the required amount of water on the Earth. Thinking is also the quality: choose water from the tap or collected rain water.

The Earth: The fertile soil will contribute to better results.

Breeding: In this case, the long term fertilization will be most effective. Here you should put that not more often than once per month.

Warm, stimulating colours for the positive attitude

exotic decoration with tropical plants beautiful color palette

General tips: The flowers are longer stop at a cooler temperature. The most bromeliads can grow inside, but make sure that your belongs to this group. Go gradually: breed in the less demanding and then the more complex types.

Dissemination: After the first flowers are gone, more small will be next to the mother plants those. Whose growth will continue but very long. Have patience!

For about 3 months you will reach a third of the size of the mother plant. At this point they can be implemented separately somewhere. After about 6 months, flowers could emerge in these.

Other conditions:

Ventilation: In contrast to the other plants, the bromeliads can clean the air during the night.

Alerts: They cause no allergies and are dangerous in any way to the human health.

Natural environment: Latin America between Mexico and Brazil.

At the end of a wonderful Tip:

How does it looks like? Signed up for the planting of bromeliads decide? Then we have a major tip for you: set the Bromeliad in a clean plastic bag and therefore a ripe Apple. Close the bag well and keep for about two weeks. From Apple an ethylene gas is cut off and then the Bromellie of much faster flowers will get (you need in this case between two and four months)! Great tip, isn’t it?

Majestic and incomparable

exotic decoration with tropical plants beautiful in pink

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