Facade Design – 45 Examples Of How You Spice Up The Facade Of The House And The Garden

Facade design – create cheerful floral pattern mood

How often does you without saying a word before a facade to stay? The facades, which we present in the following, will be certainly to make a unique impression. Do you wonder how you give your home that special something? Colorful floral patterns are the perfect way to do this. Just make sure yourselves.

Facade design – create art on the facade

facade design village tree flower pattern

Facade design – flower pattern and blue window frames look gorgeous next to each other

facade colorful flower pattern

We tell you today about an offbeat village in Poland, called village. The facades of the houses are the extraordinary on this: one has it with beautiful floral patterns decorated, which irrevocably tie the look on themselves. How has it begun? You painted the ceiling in a House at the time, because the stove there caused soot stains. Those were observed in a number of houses in the village, and soon began to paint over the soot stains with flower patterns, actually to cover them. After some time, looked all the houses in the village in same manner: covered with floral patterns.

Is this colourful façade design not the perfect complement in the garden?

facade zalipie floral pattern design dog house

You can spice up the garden fence by flower pattern

garden ideas zalipie floral pattern

Include floral patterns in interior design

wall design ideas zalipie beautiful ceiling floral pattern

Gradually everything in the village was decorated with beautiful floral patterns – houses and horse sites to bridges and churches. Since 1948, carried out even a raffle for painted houses in the village, called Malowana Chata. The real purpose of this event was an attempt to help Poland to survive the atrocities, which experienced the country during the second world war. Those days are long gone. In the South-East of Poland, and about 90 minutes from Krakow lying, village represents today the perfect destination for all, who are looking for a unique and unforgettable day trip, filled with lots of color and liveliness.

Creative ideas for the House facade

facade village fashion cream color colourful pattern

Decorate the bridge with floral prints

garden ideas village floral pattern

They decorated almost everything with such patterns

facade zalipie decorating floral patterns

A quick look at the houses in the village are numerous ideas for the design of the own house facade. Rather than to delete them in a single color, you could distribute the boredom by a colourful façade design from all outdoor. Do you have an idea, where you can insert just colored floral patterns in your garden?

On a white background, the colorful flower pattern characterised great

facade zalipie fancy decorating floral patterns

Really many flower garden ideas

garden ideas zalipie fountain flower pattern dekoideen

Spectacular floor covering in the garden

garden ideas dekoideen flooring floral pattern

Fresh design of the facade invites guests

facade design village tree floral pattern decorating extrerieur

Remarkable and inspiring

facade design zalipie blue flower pattern

Floral patterns are almost always in the foreground

facade design zalipie blue window garden plants flower decode

A House from the children’s fairy tale.

facade zalipie flowers make decode

Create beautiful contrasts

facade zalipie flowers floral pattern

Everything is retired…

facade village fashion floral garden dekoideen

Flowers are a universal decoration

facade zalipie failed decode floral pattern

Flowers are very good on all walls

facade zalipie dekoideen garden ideas flower pattern

Some beautiful flower pattern and the House looks no more monotonous

facade design zalipie colored flowers

Combine the colors correctly

facade zalipie colored pattern fashion flowers

Even from the outside, the House looks very cozy

facade design zalipie florale dekoideen

facade zalipie floral fashion decode

facade design zalipie florale dekoideen

facade zalipie flower pots make decode floral pattern

facade design zalipie floral patterns colored flowers blue window

facade design zalipie floral pattern garden ideas

facade zalipie fresh colors make rustic

facade design zalipie garden ideas building dekoideen

facade zalipie floral pattern design Fountain

facade design zalipie garden ideas building

facade coloured flower pattern

facade zalipie green accents make fresh flower pattern

facade flower pattern

facade village design dog house decorate garden fence

facade zalipie rustic floral pattern

facade zalipie türdeko ideas make flower pattern

facade make zalipie white facade colour decode

facade zalipie white floral pattern

wall design ideas innendesign zalipie flowers ideas

wall design ideas zalipie colorful floral pattern

zalipie floral pattern wall design ideas colorful fresh

wall design ideas zalipie floral pattern ceiling wanddeko

wall design ideas zalipie Interior wanddeko floral pattern

wandgetsaltung ideas zalipie coloured dekoideen flowers