Fantastic Decoration Of Glass – Chihuly Glass Sculpture Installation For Your Home

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fantastic decoration of glass art In the Museum

Fantastic decoration of glass – Chihuly glass sculpture installation for your home

The artist and architect Dale Chihuly has been recognized for his works in glass. These are all super impressive despite their varying size. We can look at one factory installed in residential buildings, but others reside in luxury hotels, museums, botanical gardens and other places.

Many of you might be wondering how you home could attach something to the devil! In this case it is an architect. Both designers have to entertain themselves and so they came to the final result.

We want to look at the result of the ideas of an extraordinary artist, a creative architect and an artist for adventure?

Be to consider two things, if you want to introduce an artist Chihuly’s work at home. First, you have to start really early with the preparation and you have to accept that only one project will be the boss: the artist himself.

It can calm down during its installations successful with the images from other. The artist obviously knows what he’s doing.

In the specific case you have first installed a model with real size. So, you could check the accuracy of the planned mass. The architect and home owner Jauregui has created the whole House design and construction alone. He could so much help with the coordination of the installation. He was the adequacy of the weight on the roof and ceiling construction and the correct height above the heads of his own children check.

Oval architectural forms and abstract glass decoration in cobalt blue and Seladongrün

fantastic decoration of glass in cobalt blue and green

Reaching a maximum effect by placing the work on the stairs at the entrance.

The installation fills the room with light and energy

fantastic decoration from glass beautiful garlands of white marble

The work consists of all a few hundred pieces – carefully packaged and transported by 18 vehicles

fantastic decoration from glass pear shaped and coloured round

First you had installed a metal frame at the window

fantastic decoration from glass fancy chandelier

This one has attached to each piece then. Everything was provided with character – even the boxes in which they transported the pieces. So, it helped ensure that everything on the intended point comes.

And yet the six workers needed about a week to build the sculpture. Who has seen the density of glass pieces, not wonders but about it at all.

Mesmerizing and breathtaking beauty

fantastic decoration of glass Märchenchaft

However, depending on the work intended form was to his, the more people believed their work to the senses. They saw how special this work really is.

When the scaffolding came down, you could see the security of this installation

fantastic decoration of glass column

You could finish the staircase prior to installation. Because otherwise, you could damage the glass.

Overwhelming and impressive

fantastic decoration of glass giant jellyfish

But the challenge is still great! You must take care of this installation as to every wonderful feat. After all, what do you do if a small painting or repair here and there needed?

For a fabulous, nautical ambience

fantastic decoration of glass fancy chandelier with an abstract form

Festive and colorful on the Lake

fantastic decoration from glass Festival of colours In the boat

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