Feng Shui Mirror – Use: Tips For Various Living Spaces

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If you use Feng Shui mirrors, then you spread mainly the energy of the water in your own apartment. Most of the rules are based on this belief. In principle, mirrors must be used in places where the fire threatens to assume an excessively strong role. By a mirror one could compensate. In combination with objects that stand for air, you would promote intellectual and intellectual work at the highest level in space. Together with elements that represent the earth, you can feel comfortable comfort and harmonious communication.

Besides these general rules there are also some specifics for the individual rooms. In the following you will learn more about it.

Longitudinal mirror – ideal for Feng Shui

room furniture mirror rustic design

Mirror in the living room or in the kitchen

What is special about these rooms is that we have many different furniture and objects here. If the mirror is positioned so that it leads to confusion and chaotic appearance, this can have negative consequences for the well-being in the room. If Feng Shui mirrors are to be used correctly, they must contribute to compensating the dimensions and the other aspects of the device.

And a tip for the superstitious: Do not let any food or flowers spoil the mirror. According to Feng Shui, the negative energy emitted would spread in space.

This mirror, positioned according to Feng Shui, makes the room more comfortable

feng shui corridor mirror placement

Feng Shui mirror – use in the corridor

In this case, the feeling of width must arise. Once you have achieved this, according to Feng Shui the use of mirrors in the hall is very useful. It is also important that the mirror does not look to the door. In this case one would expel the positive energy and thus the prosperity of the house. Take care that the mirror does not cause confusion or confusion to the running people, so that they stumble and hurt themselves.

Above the headboard and not on this is the mirror correct

window over the bed

Mirror in the bedroom, according to Feng Shui

Basically, it is recommended to refrain from mirroring in the bedroom. However, if you find them functional or simply elegant, you should follow some rules. The Feng Shui objection to mirror in bedroom has to do with that a strong energy flow cause. This affects the peace that one needs to sleep.
Therefore, mirrors, if desired, should be positioned so that your bed does not lie within its scope.

This triple feng brings to Feng Shui good energy into the room

feng shui mirror dining room

Pay attention to what the mirror reflects

We would like to conclude this article about Feng Shui Spiegel-Placement with a general tip. We have just briefly mentioned this in the living room: We should pay attention to what the mirror reflects. The objects lying opposite the mirror spread through it their energy. Thanks to a mirror, for example, looking through the window to nature outside or simply to a tree in the garden or courtyard, you get positive energy and balance home. If, however, unpleasant images are reflected by the mirror, or faces edges or corners, it spreads its negative energy and blocks the positive ones.

So use the mirrors in a targeted way so that they reinforce the positive influence in your house.

Extremely modern rooms are often designed to Feng Shui

bathroom mirror wall design

The mirror here extends exactly the right dimension

feng shui window in living room

According to Feng Shui, this position of the mirror would be inappropriate

feng shui in the bedroom

Furniture and mirrors in square shapes – ideal for Feng Shui

spacious room to feng shui

The round shape is good for Feng Shui mirrors

matching placement from the mirror to feng shui

The Feng Shui mirror corresponds to the shape of the table

matching mirror in the dining room with nature elements

This mirror enlarges the room and complies with Feng Shui rules

space enhancement and fengshui one

The whole facility and the mirror exude relaxation

round mirroring comfort

Square Feng Shui mirror in the bedroom

bedroom furniture feng shui mirror

The Feng Shui mirror in this bedroom provides warmth and comfort

Bedroom feng shui
mirror on both sides of the bed
wall design divided by two feng shui
wall mirror above the bed

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