Festive Food – Splendid Table Accessories In Gold Finish

Editor   November 29, 2013   Comments Off on Festive Food – Splendid Table Accessories In Gold Finish

festive dinner coasters in leg form

Gorgeous festive food

The most beautiful feasts of the year coming soon. Now it’s time to spice up the dining room and to get ready to host of great dinner. I personally like equipped with neutral shades and the refreshment with bold accents. Golden, black and some whimsical accents make sure that greatly impress your guests. So you will certainly celebrate in a good, even upscale atmosphere together.

Hammered metal garlands

festive dinner Garland with round discs

Do you want a bit more license and sparks in the room? Then you could release a golden Garland in the room. So you will make the various aspects of the decoration down uniformly. Such Garland will be the pivotal point in the entire room.

Golden antlers tileset for starters

festive dinner plate with deer

Do you want a rustic touch in your room? Then, you should serve desserts and salads in these dishes. They are whimsical and at the same time male.

Meridian tray

festive food Golden tray

I love this tray for serving appetizers. You could store in other seasons on magazines and newspapers.

Caroline dinner set 20 pieces

festive dinner porcelain plate with gold trim

I love these plates with gold-framed. They are classic and can be easily emptied and filled. I love the modern element of wavy lines.

Golden charger

festive dinner Matt Gold serving dish

Hence, the table can be filled with more color and glossy effects. This dish is a must for special occasions.

Shanna Murray Salad bowls

festive dinner buns inscribed plate

These pieces inspired color is characterized by plaque. The gold-rich inscriptions a warm heart. How can you not love them?

You will formulate a strong message at your next party. I love the beautiful and varied touches.

5 piece flatware gold

festive dinner gold plated cutlery

What is as decadent as the Golden cutlery. It’s an upbeat interpretation of the traditional silver cutlery.

UN carbon cloth napkins

festive dinner grey linen tablecloth

Through such fancy napkins can provide more drama at your table. It feels almost like a tablet. It shows a beautiful, modern twist.

Napkin ring

festive dinner napkin ring snow Crystal Gold

These napkin rings will give your table a spectacular touch.

Modern salt and pepper set

festive eating salt and pepper shakers

We should remember also these small details, such as the salt and pepper shakers. They are characterized by the modern character and the simple appearance.

Real pumpkin

festive dinner white gourds

In my opinion you should not abandon the natural elements. Look wonderful next to the candles and the autumn leaves!

Merkuriusglas octagonal Hurricane

festive dinner Lantern

Want to warm up because not your table with this hexagonal candlesticks? They would thus contribute to more heat.

Mason jar straw homes

festive food tumblers with lids

You must remember the table of children. So you can take care of the children and at the same time contribute to the stylish atmosphere in the room.

Kitchen paper as tablecloths

festive dinner of rustic table with stools In the Indus сenter style

I love this idea with the table runner made of special kitchen paper. You can use it at large family reunions wonderfully. So you have to worry for the drawings of children.

Cake stand with polka dots

festive dinner cake stand with Golden dots

For a fun and whimsical touch, you should serve dessert on your tray.

Sugar paper with “Cheers” for sparkling wine

festive dinner toast serving dish

Do you like the festive cover? I love her. The points can be compared with bubbles or confetti in my opinion. In all cases, provide the perfect touch.

Stellungsloses glass set from West Elm

festive dinner elegant glasses with gold trim

I like particularly like also this glass with Golden edges. You provide a festive look and you can drink it throughout the season.

Accent table with a surface of sheet metal and gold

festive dinner of round tray table

I think the idea of simply beautiful. You could install champagne, cutlery or napkins on it.

Cocktail decanter

festive food glass bottle with a round glass lid

Bring all your drink with style thanks to this wonderful carafe. Perfect for a festive dinner, the gold points make them for Christmas or new year’s Eve.

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