Find The Right Color Palette For Your Creative Project

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color palette petals paper @apetalunfolds

What colors do you prefer?

If you are looking for the perfect color palette, you can get inspiration on . The designer Jessica Colaluca had the dazzling idea to introduce many color palettes on their Web page, which then can be helpful for other designers, painters, craftsmen, wedding planner and artist some time ago. Most colours are inspired by nature. After all, including others who are in connection with various artifacts are.

At the beginning of Jessica, who is a passionate buy local fanatic, took their suggestions on the vegetables markets in their place of residence. There, in Wisconsin, she discovered their boundless love and fascination for colors. Fabulous natural, serene sunrises and romantic sunsets – all has impacted on her and showed her the direction of their vocation. An idea is been a project that is now very popular and useful for the creative work of many people in the form of a Web page. Design seeds is currently a full time employment for the designer, who is also their vocation is.

Door inspiration in green shades

old door color palette colors @mikefanfulli

Photo: @mikefanfulli

Jessica Colaluca has worked for the greats like Ford, Reebok and Timberland and gained valuable experience. There, she was consultant in various industrial sectors as brand and social media working and impressed many people with her creative nature. With her new vocation, she can better engage and develop the design seeds as an interactive platform. Since January 2015, she gets constantly numerous photos with beautiful color inspirations from around the world. So, the design seeds community is growing every day with more and more members, who form a strong, positive synergy. Usually, people share their photos via Instagram, by using the Hashtag of SeedsColor. Thus, design seeds has become a perfect example, as creative ideas on the Internet act together and give abundant fruit.

Field and grain colours

color palette color box @julie_audet

Photo: @julie_audet

Or as Jessica even admits it, describes the following Indian saying at best the philosophy and the ethos of design seeds: “All the flowers of all future days contained in the seeds of today.”

Adventurous surf color palette

color palette surf colors @lizlangley

Photo: @lizlangley

Artichokes-dream in purple

color palette artichoke colors ´

Photo: @lizlangley

The colors of dew

color palette color dew color Tau @gneissmouse

Photo: @gneissmouse

Gentle, floral shades

color palette flora colors @auntieclaras

Photo: @auntieclaras

Beautiful roses in pastel

color palette floral colors @natashakolenko

Photo: @natashakolenko

Fresh nuances in purple and green.

color palette fresh color @_ewabakrac

Photo: @_ewabakrac

Romantic moments from Venice

color palette channel colors Venice @peoniesncream

Photo: @peoniesncream

Confetti colors

colours confetti colors @colourspeak_kerry_

Photo: @colourspeak_kerry

Maritime color palette

color palette maritime colours @ozgecenberci

Photo: @ozgecenberci

Rustic natural colours

color palette of rustic colors @erikadeliadesign

Photo: @erikadeliadesign

An endless sailing

sailing colors color palette @danny_englander

Photo: @danny_englander

Warm sun shades

color palette Sun colours @ozgecenberci

Photo: @ozgecenberci

Mysterious Succulents

color palette succulent colors @1lifethroughthelens

Photo: @1lifethroughthelens

Fascinating from the animal world

color palette bird colors @magimare

Photo: @magimare

Have you got wanderlust?

color palette wanderlust nuances @angiesacher

Photo: @angiesacher

Nostalgia in pastel

shades warm rustic colors @erikadeliadesign

Photo: @erikadeliadesign

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