Find The Right House Tree For Your Own Garden

Having a nice house tree in your own garden is one of the most important aspects of landscaping. Especially if you want more structure, but also more security and comfort around the house. It is no coincidence that house trees have a long tradition. In the past, people always planted a so-called protection tree on important occasions such as marriage or birth. And this served not only as a fresh shade donor, but also had a very important role in family life. Each tree had its very specific meaning, which we have almost forgotten today. For example, oaks and beech trees represent the elemental force of nature and should give the whole family strength and stability. The popular Linde, on the other hand, is a sign of kindness and hospitality and continues to be favored by many garden owners.

The right house tree is clearly in every garden

When choosing the right house tree for your garden, you should not consider its symbolic meaning, but other, much more important aspects. Depending on the style and size of the garden area, you should think very well in advance which tree is suitable for you at all. Not only very traditional, native trees are recommended here, but also some new tree species that have been thriving in our geographical latitudes for some time.

Take a look at our 15 Hausbaum recommendations below and get professional advice from experts in a nursery or nursery if required.

Depending on the function of the tree, you should choose your place correctly

Which house tree fits best in smaller gardens?

If you have limited space in your own garden, you would not succeed in planting a large tree with a broad crown, would you? Therefore, we advise you to rely on those tree species that resemble a column. Below we present you some of the most popular house trees in pillar form for small gardens in this country.

# 1 columnar rowan ( Sorbus aucuparia ‘Fastigiata’)

# 2 Pillar Cherry ( Prunus serrulata ‘Amanogawa’ )

# 3 Column Hawthorn ( Crataegus monogyna, Stricta ‘ )

Beautiful, white flowers in spring and beautiful, dark red berries in autumn

Not only trees that are tall and narrow are available for small gardens. Even those tree species that have a spherical crown and grow slower, perfect as a house tree with little space in the garden. And these are fortunately also here in Germany abundantly. Our favorites are:

# 4 ball maple ( Acer platanoides ‘Globosum’ )

# 5 Ball Trumpet Tree ( Catalpa bignonioides ‘Nana’ )

# 6 Blood plum ( Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ )

In addition to fragrant flowers, they also have expressive, purple foliage jewelry in the fall

# 7 Rock pear Robin Hill ( Amelanchier arborea ‘Robin Hill’ )

Her lush flowers spoil the view

And if you’re looking for more romance, trees with overhanging crowns are the perfect choice for your garden. These not only look very effective, but are also relatively easy to maintain. It is best to plant these trees individually. In this way, they will optimally come into their own as a house tree and provide a nice eye-catcher in the garden.

# 8K kitten willow ( Salix caprea ‘Pendula’ )

# 9 Red hanging ornament (Fagus sylvatica ‘Purple Fountain’)

New tree species for your garden

Of course, traditional tree species continue to be a great choice for your garden. But you should also bear in mind that climate change will also change our weather conditions in Germany. Longer periods of drought, new pests and plant diseases are unfortunately inevitable. That’s why one of the newer tree species that has gained popularity lately would be a well-chosen choice. Here you can see again our recommendations.

# 10 Myrtle tree (Myrtus communis)

# 11 Tree magnolia ( Magnolia kobus )

The magnolia blossoms resemble those of the Indian Lotus

# 12 Ginkgo ( Ginkgo biloba)

The ginkgo tree gives magnificent gold in the fall

# 13 Tulip tree ( Liriodendron tulipifera )

Some ornamental shrubs are available to you in the garden design instead of a house tree as well. This can be a cozy reading corner in the garden or create a dreamy flower oasis. Let yourself be inspired here!

# 14 Harlequin Willow (Salix integra ‘Hakuro Nikishi’)

# 15 Japanese tree lilac ( Syringa reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’ )

Birches are among the house tree classics

However, allergy sufferers should take care and avoid them

Beautiful Japanese cherry trees scatter their flowers abundantly in spring

The beautiful chestnuts are only recommended for very large gardens

Find your perfect house tree and enjoy your garden paradise!