Fleet Barbecue Equipment – Beautiful Accessories For Your Summer Evenings

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fleet barbecue set up summer evening In the courtyard

Fleet barbecue facilities – great ideas and accessories

Who does not like the entertainment in the outdoor evenings in the warm summer? The following ideas collection is a bold and delicate style of summer barbecues. I would have rather natural and neutral larger pieces and capricious accessories, which lighten the mood – such as Tangerine, yellow-green and sunny yellow tones and striking geometric patterns. The fleet accessories set a playful tone, enjoy the barbecue!

Jardine dinner collection

I like this space set from West Elm. The simple lines and the worn Driftwood make at the same time robust finish it, but also delicate and contemporary.

The table is great for meeting up with friends outdoors, because it is extensible – it fits great barbecue evenings and peaceful nights also.

Chevron lantern with battery-EUR 12.99

fleet barbecue establishment paper pendant lamp with Chevron patterns

This stylish orange lantern with Chevron pattern would bring so much mood to your summer barbecue.

Leif paper plates – EUR 4.95

fleet barbecue Setup disc from cardboard in yellow-green

I take this paper plates from Crate & barrel, since they have a bright, bold and fresh colours and fun Chevron design. Pour lots of energy to every barbecue outdoors.

Jardine Chair with ladder-like back from West Elm – 149 EUR

fleet barbecue facility elegant Chair

I love the simple, timeless design of these chairs. I would add a cushion for extra comfort and color.

Abaca square placemat from West Elm – EUR 9

fleet barbecue Setup placemat from sisal

The natural texture of this square-shaped sets complements the color and pattern of the Apple-green paper plates with Chevron design. Combine soft and naturally woven fabrics with modern, light elements for an unexpected effect.

Round Sunbrella Apple-colored umbrella with eucalyptus frame – EUR 268

fleet barbecue set up umbrella in lime

I’d take a parasol in a bright, bold and unexpected color to complement the soft and natural look of the garden chairs and table. The bold, fleet Apple green is ideal.

Oval party cups made of galvanized sheet and sea grass -EUR 29.99

fleet barbecue establishment sundae braided

Ice-cream sundae are always necessary when Grill evenings in the open air. The combination of the galvanized sheet with seaweed this piece makes great texture.

Country man grandeur outdoor fireplace, Brown – EUR 223.99

fleet barbecue set up outdoor fireplace

Sitting around the fire and talk with the guests until late in the evening is so relaxing.

This soft fireplace with a bronze finish fits to the natural outdated wooden of garden furniture.

Trio beverage dispenser – EUR 39.95

fleet barbecue establishment drinks dispenser

I like the idea of storing three different drinks in a stylish vessel. It is perfect for a mix of water with fruit taste.

Absolut Citron candle – EUR 34

fleet barbecue establishment brands Lantern

The Zintronellgras candles protect from insects and I like these from Bridgeview candles. They are wine and liquor recycled bottles made, which are then cut and polished. Then they are filled and capped in a wooden insert with soy wax. This company offers unique and sustainable products.

Cane beaker – EUR 7

fleet barbecue establishment lemon-yellow glass

This sunny beakers are so funny for a summer barbecue. Would the light yellow color and grid design at the barbecue not good like whom?

Jardine bench – EUR 262

fleet barbecue establishment long wooden bench

The different seating areas around the table provide an unexpected element. The Jardine added seat dining table and chairs from the same collection on a fleet way.

Jardine bench cushion – EUR 67

fleet barbecue establishment Weichgepolsterte Bank

The seat cushions for the seat and chairs should be in simple white, cream, as a contrast to the bold color of the screen and the bright, bold patterns of plates and glasses.

Gelato serving Board, mango – EUR 18.95

fleet barbecue facility serving Board in Orange

I like the warm color of this painted serving Board. It is ideal for serving drinks, chips, or sauces on summer evenings.

Safavieh grey/ivory-white carpet – 14,79 EUR

fleet barbecue establishment striped runner

The strips are one of my popular patterns. You make any establishment, but also serve as neutral. This carpet neutralized the dining room and is part of the background, so that the parasol and the accessories in the spotlight.

Jardine Bar -EUR 598

fleet barbecue establishment chest of drawers with ample storage space

This bar made of weather-proof hard wood from West Elm is the ideal solution for storing barbecue materials. I really like the simple, contemporary style of design.

Taleb clear cutlery – EUR 1.49

fleet barbecue set up silverware

This simple silverware with resin handles is ideal for meetings in the open air. It is soft and easy to care for. The hand grips are similar to sea glass.

Napkins with Monogram, G – EUR 6

fleet barbecue establishment Monogram napkin

Napkins with Monogram C. Wonder have a wide range of cocktails. I particularly like the sunny yellow diamond pattern.

Barbecue burner stamp – EUR 14.99

fleet barbecue set up burning stamp

What do you think of burning stamps? Sure, it is used at many rallies because everyone likes the steaks with different temperatures.

Wine glass acrylic – EUR 2.95

fleet barbecue set up plastic jar

I notice the box-shaped contemporary design of this wine glasses made of acrylic. I think that they are ideally suited for a summer of fragrant feeling party.

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