Flights Of Fantasy: Colored Stair Runner

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colored stair runner Minzgrüne walls

Colored stair runner

The stair runners are a wonderful method through which, you can keep the soil warm and comfortable. Sometimes they feel but somewhat too formal. How can you step out of the situation? One can instead of the usual place for painted stair runners.

Create the illusion of a runner, but the look is much more formal. The design options are unlimited, as you can imagine.

Sure, this is not the ideal solution for everyone. I personally would not recommend about the combination with an interior bathed in marble. You are however wonderful a traditional transitional apartment, an apartment in the rural style or a haven for your holiday.

The stairs in the figure previously had a pink plush carpet floor. The house owner Debbie Christianson did away the carpet, painted the stairs in white and has inserted this blue-gray carpet.

The new look of the stair is much more elegant and tasteful

colored stair runner elegant in white and grey

I love the color and the way how the runner in a frame is inserted. This is certainly something unexpected!

Tip for a uniform appearance: before you start painting, you should feel the holes with wood and soft sand the surface. Now, you should insert primer, if the surface was not previously painted.

Treads and risers in black and white are coated with a grass-green runner. Its color in accordance with the picture frame is.

Chic image gallery

coloured stair runners, grass green and black and white photos

Tip: Leave in this case the 10 centimetres to the side. Increase this margin area for stairs that are wider than the normal.

A painted Brown runner completes the atmosphere in this room with blue walls. Its designer is Sarah Farrell. It has a tighter limit in grey green color.

As she made the transition between the white walls and the dark runner

coloured stair runners spiral staircase in Dukelbraun

Tip: So you achieve really good results, you should use a color, which is specifically designed for floors. Depending on the color, probably would have to wear several layers.

In this Minneapolis House disappears every feeling that down move – by TreHus Architects

colored stair runner colorful pastel stripes

Help the strips. Ensure clean corners. This can work using the painters tape. Don’t let the color under the belt to slip. This you need to apply a bit of the color in the corners. So it will seal it.

Words can appear even more interesting the stair runners

coloured stair runners in bright shades with nice labels

Are you worried that you could fall down the stairs? There are ingredients that are slip resistant and can be mixed with the color. So, you will achieve a better traction.

No fancy words? Pull single letters into consideration. To store the results of your work, you should cover these polyurethane with two or three layers.

Otherwise, the running will destroy the whole

colored stair runner artistic and modern

Here we see an example where you instead of letters, number has painted

colored stair runner in lime green with digits

Tip: The completion of a picturesque project may take up to a few days. Make sure that you have completed an alternative path for this time. If you paint only the Center, you can be exactly square to the sides.

You can instead of in the Middle, which put color on the sides. So, it has implemented this project here. Wonderful, or? The stairs, take time to dry at least 24 hours.

The mood missed you on your stairs? This can be changed through the painted stair runner. We hope you enjoy it.

colored stair runner nautical from dark wood

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