Flower Boxes On The Window In Different Style

Posted on Aug 09, 2013

flower boxes on the window mixed bag pink

Flower boxes on the window in different style

The flower boxes in the Windows are really beautiful and sexy. For some homeowners with decent DIY art craft, their installation is a weekend project. For others – that is in order for a carpenter or handyman, so they enjoy fun growing.

Materials. Each material is suitable for the flower boxes – wood, metal, iron or plastic can fit to protect your window or your Windows form or to contrast, to make a color combination.

Window flower boxes are sold in almost all nurseries, garden centers, hardware stores and even some devices store. Many online companies also offer the boxes. You can assign also a carpenter who makes the flower boxes requirements according to the customers, if your DIY is not enough Championship.

Elegant combination of creeping and hanging plants and flowers

flower boxes in the Windows of metal with creeping plants

Location. Of course window flower boxes under the Windows, but there are also other rule? Obviously Yes.

See your House from the other side of the road. Choose a dramatic look some window, as for example by both sides of the door or the window of the Wohnzimmer.Die have window flower boxes on the second floor, but then you must ensure that the window to open are, so that you can maintain it.

Colorful fresh at the window

flower boxes in the Windows wood elongated

Drainage. Most Windows boxes have drainage holes with coasters for healthy plants. The open iron or metal boxes but, often coconut liner, which drops down a bit faster. To avoid it, you feed the coconut insole with perforated plastic.

Simple and stylish in white

flower boxes in the Windows painted numerous white

The wooden boxes can be painted inside with waterproof roof cement, so that the wood does not rot. The drainage holes will also extend the life of the boxes.Plants. Many small flowering plants are suitable for window flower boxes. You can exploit also the height of the mounting with creeping plants – Petunia, lobelia, Springkräuter, Ivy, jasmine nightshade.

The vertical plants are necessary for balance sheet

flower boxes on the window hanging colorful splendor

Geraniums, marigolds, Evergreen topiaries, ornamental grasses, and even small roses can be grown also to get height and interest. Use plants that grow no higher than a third of the window height, otherwise seem grew too big and imposing, and not attractive.

Antique flair by iron accents

flower boxes on the window of rustic flair

Installation. There are some options. Some boxes have attached L-shaped Terminal, with wooden pins under the window sill. If you prefer to attach terminals masonry or stucco, you use a drill for masonry.

If you buy ready-made boxes, you put them in the Middle under the window. You should be wide as the window, window protection – the width of the window plus 10-15 cm. The smaller sizes are not proportional. The usual depth is 20 cm, of course, you can order a different depth from joiner depending on the window.

Sensual aroma for your living room

flower boxes on the window of purple Rosa Weiß Petunia

Cultivation tips. Make sure that the flower boxes before the mounting are installed, as they are too heavy for transfer and attachment. Use potting soil of good quality and slow-release fertilizer, which feeds the plants at each casting. For dry plants as Succulents or cacti, you buy the appropriate Earth.

A picturesque combination

flower boxes in the Windows meadows look

Watering and fertilizing. Irrigation depends on the type of crops and of the sunlight where they stand exposed. The more sun in the boxes, the more often watering the flowers need. Usually the most flower boxes need cast in the week with the Rasenspenger on the first floor and watering cans for the higher floors, and drip irrigation for every flower box several times. There are some boxes with self watering system, the water is stored below and is used for the next two weeks – great for busy people or for your holiday time.

Stimulating red and lemon yellow

flower boxes in the Windows of dark wood

The fertilization with water-soluble products is good once or twice monthly so that the flowers are green, flowering and lush.

Style. The window flower boxes are loosely-irritating and naturally belong to a country house style. Elegant, depending on the material and the plants but, they can look formal, smooth and shiny or chic and trendy.The painted wooden boxes with a mix of colorful annual plants look loose and traditionally, the black iron boxes with impressive Evergreen and white flowers and Ivy look more formal. You can bring a contemporary look with neutral wooden boxes, planted with ornamental or small cacti.

As a starting point, use the style of your home and set it with the matching window flower boxes

flower boxes in the Windows style cut boxwood round

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