Spring Decoration Easter Crafts

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts antique metal egg holder

A Gen-EI-esque idea

Colorful, natural container combines with classical pieces of silver to create an elegant spring table decoration.

Wheat grass and flower decoration
Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts stand grass knocking out

Wheat grass can be used easily with handwork. Two weeks prior to your event, please fill an empty planter with moist potting soil. Provide wheat seeds inside. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place it on a hot surface such as these from the refrigerator for example. After the grass blades beat out, remove the foil. Find a sunny spot for the planter and keep the soil moist.

You need a pot full of warm water. Cut some flower stems. Here, we use small daffodils and Jonquille, wild sweet Phloxe and late flowering Christblumen. Small flowers fit best.

Assemble the cake stand. Moisten the wheat grass and cut the turf by using a sharp knife.Fill the container with flowers, which we have already mentioned. Desire, add small Handpuppet on vases. You can find these in the flea market and antique store

Easter flowers

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts Easter Bunny

Decorate your table with colorful flowers, cakes and Easter bunnies. Cover the pots with MOSS for a fresh spring look.

stylish table decorations

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts nest Easter eggs green

Little nest is the perfect focal point, if it is completed with a blue painted Easter egg. For an authentic look use you a toothbrush, a delicate mark with BREW to add craft paint.

Light decoration for elegant chairs

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts chairs decorate loop

Wrap beautiful ribbons to the back of the Chair. Make a loop on the back of each Chair, and tie a knot.

Make long loops and then attach them. Then add silk flowers.

Fancy flights

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts champagne glass Butterfly

Silk butterflies to the champagne glasses for a light Easter decoration.

Prepare a gift itself. A small arrangement looks like the ceramic figurine adorable.

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts Baa Baa Black White sheep funny, extraordinary sheep bake

Magnificent garden flowers, and silk butterflies

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts vases table decorations

Colorful small bucket metal

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts bucket stained metal garden

Fresh bouquet of spring flowers

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts glass of water ice

Glass jar filled with water and lemon

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts daffodils tulips

Cute little nest of yarn made

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts nest eggs Butterfly

Themed Easter

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts nest Easter eggs green

Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts rose glass water beautiful roses refresh the ambience at Easter

Rustic table decorations Frühlingsdeko Easter crafts table decoration flowers fresh