Funny Illustration Of Children Photos Inspired

Editor   February 25, 2015   Comments Off on Funny Illustration Of Children Photos Inspired

illustration baby photo red Cardigan

Original illustration art by Maria Jose da Luz

The graphic designer Maria Jose da Luz from Guadalupe, Costa Rica is also passionate Illustrator. Some time ago, she had to use the smart idea of children photos for their illustrations. Already their first attempts were so funny that she just did. Many people have then ordered her an illustration of their own children by Etsy. Maybe you want to do the also? Look at all the funny pictures and make your decision quietly. The Illustrator is so resourceful that she drew a successful and funny illustration for each photo. Our favorite pictures are the little Princess with the frog and the Baker. And your?

Children illustrations are not the only thing you can find on the Web page of designer. You created also stickers, container, cushion, post cards, calendars and many other items. Everything is perfectly mastered in their distinctive style. The products of MJ as Luz exude vitality and positive energy. You are a perfect gift for children and adults. Surprise your loved ones with this great article. Establish contact with the designer and ask. Who knows, maybe you can order an illustration of yourself. Do you have already a matching photo for this?

A laughing baby bear in blue

illustration nanny felt costume winter

Drive a big car

illustration plastic car child photo

A serious bee in black and yellow

illustration baby photo bee

With the Dino ride in a boat

nanny baby photo dinosaur

Batman is back

illustration baby photo plastic car Batman

Adult look with dummy-moustache

nanny baby photo moustache

It’s Christmas already

illustration baby photo Santa Claus

Cozy and warm

illustration baby stuffed animal Bunny

Best friends

children photo of big dog girl long hair

A small man with Hat

illustration kid photo blue jacket

Batman and Superman

nanny young Superman father Batman

Star Wars reloaded

nanny nanny art bear

The little walking girl

illustration girls photo blonde

The Princess the frog

children photo girl photo frog

You can count on a generous friend always

illustration girls dog

How to fly on the plane

children photo girl photo swing plane

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