Garden Design Embodies The Stone Forever

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unique rock garden exterior ideas

Landscaping your yard gives a stylish look with stones

If you have opted for a landscaping with stones , you must be clear where and how you want to integrate stone in your garden. You need to plan such a design well because too many stones not always stylish look. The garden overcrowded with stones usually acts cold and ungastfreundlich. In applying proper, moderate, the stones can be magnificent garden decoration.

Make richer your exterior design

Gartendeko ideas stone Chair

In this article, we have prepared 30 pictures on the subject of landscaping with stones. Our goal is to present how this natural material to the garden design artistically could care. Integrate multiple shaped, stone ball with plants around. They serve as a focal point in the garden.

Decorative balls made of stone

garden design ideas decoration balls

Another variation is to make a water feature with pebbles. This creates a unique atmosphere and brings to think and dream. The sound of flowing water is really romantic and cause tender feelings. You can do almost anything made of stone. Gartendekos like big fist or stone Chair is recommended because of its uniqen effect.

Entrance path of mosaic

garden exterior ideas stone floor

Very often, to create a path or entrance walkway from multi-shaped stones. Pebbles, gravel, stone, sandstone can be. A mosaic of colored stones create architectural interest and remains in the memory. To integrate simple stone slabs, in the lawn looks fabulous in the garden. Ever Green, the better. You can replant stone beds with high plant beds. That looks very attractive.

Water feature with pebbles

water feature with pebbles garden

A classic look of course done by the stone wall. It also serves as privacy, what is nowadays commonly requested. The stone wall can have a bow for more originality. In combination with a heavy element-rich wooden gate, the result is unique. Look at our pictures and select your stone decoration.

Concrete wall

landscaping with stone concrete wall plants

Flooring mosaic with floral prints

landscaping with stone flooring mosaic

Stone Gartendeko in the form of fist

landscaping with stones decorating fist form

Flower bed with a stone border

landscaping with rocks colored plants

Pavement of stone paving

landscaping with stones cobbled path

Stone slabs in the lawn

landscaping with stones turf slabs

Landscaping with stones and high plant beds

landscaping with stones stone beds plant beds

Make sidewalk with large stone slabs

landscaping with stone slabs

Stone arch with wooden gate

Garden Gate off stone gate wood

Inspirational garden decor

inspiring garden decoration stones

Pebbles, flagstones and wood in combination

small garden pebbles stone slabs

Original garden ideas

original garden ideas pebbles tree

Patio decorating

patio decorating sand stones

Walkway from multi-shaped stones

magnificent walkway In the garden of Mehrförmige stones

Go over the pebbles

floating walkway In the garden pebbles

Stone arch in the garden

arch landscaping stone wall plants

Massive stone arch

arch garden ideas plants

Stone figures with MOSS

stone figures with MOSS Gartendeko

Build stone wall

stone wall building garden decoration

Stone wall with floral pattern

stone wall floral pattern exterior hole

Big ball of decorative stones

great garden decoration stone ball

Original design with stone

great flooring from stone patio

Dry stone wall with plants

dry stone wall different plants

Mosaic with leaf motifs

uni-cross path garden leaves motifs

Water jugs of decorative stones

water jugs off Stone garden

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