Garden Design Examples, The Mediterranean Heat In Is Wearing

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garden design examples of stone urns fountain

Garden design examples with an Italian flair

The “national” approach to the search for great examples of garden design will never go out of style. The increasing globalization eliminates the geographical restrictions. It is no longer unusual to see a garden with Italian character in North or South America. Throughout Europe, the preference for the Italian design style is irresistible, here it is anyway for centuries.

A work of art

Traditionally, Italian and French gardeners have enforced the view that a garden should look like a single work of art. If you also share this philosophy, then you are right at garden design examples of this kind.

In addition, Italian gardens are determined by some other characteristics. They are always very romantic and poetic. Though they look more modern, they carry some typical characteristics of the Renaissance. The connection can be obvious, for example in the sculptures) or done but on a symbolic level.

Ornate statues and graceful fountains

garden design examples Zierbrunen sculptures

The ample vision garden design also marked examples of Italian art. An important distinguishing feature compared to the English approach consists in preference, which sculptural cut trees and bushes are flowering plants.

The examples of the garden design, which we have selected for you, are very prominent. You are able to convey the great atmosphere, which can spread as a green area. That’s what matters. In a normal garden it is sufficient sometimes to realize the one or the other element or the plan in a reduced dimension, in order to achieve the same effect.

Large area or the visual illusion of such

The Italian gardens art history hung together with court life. Include a long ways, voluminous fountain and high sculptures. Be but not deterred. Consider your garden as a picture. Learn from the artists, how to visually enlarge the space and create perspective. For example, this works by the way, how different elements to each other.

If you do this, you would reach a representative character with smaller mass of the elements.

Freedom and clarity by straight lines in the design

garden design examples of Italian garden just way lawn

Monochrome appearance

Italian garden designers put on the monochrome image. As already just mentioned, the Green sculptures here and not so much crucial are the flowers. The latter come with their colourful nuances rather in the background.

They will recognize the garden design examples themselves that they act very monochrome. This is because that prevail mainly two shades – green and blue. Of course also beige and Brown of the soil and the trees comes up somehow. But it is restrained enough so that it does not spoil the uniform look. The blue color is related to the seascapes and the preference for integrated swimming pools together.

Garden art with boxwood and herbs

Garden design examples of Italian boxwood

Fountains and ponds

Examples that we now show missing fountain and garden ponds thus in any garden design. In this context, the available space and budget play a very important role. Depending on the case, Garden designers opt for a small or large fountain or a small pond.

The large sculptures

One of the typical associations connected with Italy, brings us great sculptures from the Renaissance in mind. Garden designers integrated it also always very happy.

You can use objects for this purpose representing the sculpture as such, also in applied form. Interesting white vases and ornaments were typical.

Renaissance sculptures are just timeless

garden design examples Italian large sculptures

Mediterranean plants

The character of Italian garden design examples will be presented by the Mediterranean flora. Many are not only beautiful, but also very practical. They are crowded fruit and accordingly, of beautiful flowers in the spring and all summer long.

In a colder climate, gardeners prefer plants in plant containers. So, you can use not only the typical cherries and apples, but maintain also exotic animals such as lemon, Orange and pomegranate.

With regard to the bushes, we want to say like a few words. The prestigious Italian garden plants snowball (Viburnum), common boxwood and Italian Cypress are most.

Cypresses are capitalized when Italian gardens

garden design examples herbs Mediterranean vegetation Cypress

Add also some other types of specially chosen to achieve more color and elegance.

Arrangement of the individual elements

The most central element should be a fountain, pool or other water element with a smooth surface. Best in a square shape. From the bird perspective, it may look similar to a mirror.

From the same perspective, also the way should be clear, which lead to this. They can be made of smooth stone or concrete. Together make a system of straight lines and its cross centres. The routes connect many fascinating elements in the Italian garden and lead to places where you can really enjoy his time outdoors.

Multi-storey ornamental fountains, stone lions and subtropical trees

garden design examples of Italian courtyard garden

Splendid flowers and boxwood spiral

garden design examples of Italian design boxwood sculptures

A typical courtyard Italian style

garden design examples of Italian design Renaissance garden

Green mazes are very popular in the Mediterranean gardens

garden design examples maze green

Oval ceramic urns as a flowerpot

garden design examples of Mediterranean vegetation plants herbs pottery

Large outdoor pool and elegant pergolas, wrought iron

garden design examples of rectangular pools fountain

Small ornamental fountains have also their charm

garden design examples of round services pond

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