Garden Design – The Wonderful Appearance Of The Red Veil Fern

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shiny red veil fern garden design

The garden design is a big challenge for amateurs and professionals

The name of this plant very often leads to misunderstandings. One thinks spontaneously, that it leads to a more appearance in the Garden only in the autumn. But the first picture below was taken end of June. Actually, you can in all seasons these plants used for beautiful bouquets, if even their appearance to the different seasons is different. The garden design is a big challenge for both amateurs and professionals. Here is an interesting proposal for all.

It’s a type that is available in different sizes. You spread very easily and the maintenance is effortless. If the pot is too small, you can plant around it easily. Through the flower tubers, she spread well underground.

Red Veil fern is an Evergreen plant and gives pleasure

landscaping plants from Asia

Botanical name: Dryopteris erythrosora

Common name: Red Veil fern

Origin: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China

Where can she grow: you should not grow at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius

Water requirements: Mediocre, hydrous floor

Light requirements: The bright colors are in the shadow play

Height: 0.6 to 0.9 meters high

Advantages and tolerances: Rabbits and deer – resistant. Easy to maintain

The most interesting phenomenon: all year round

When should she be planted: In spring or autumn


Evergreen garden design

Stay forever

red veil fern garden design

Distinguishing feature: The Red Veil fern is always green and has colored leaves

Integrate into the landscape

design garden landscape

How to install him in the countryside in usage:

The Red Veil fern is a great addition to the forest gardens in areas under the trees, where formed wonderful shadows. Pair them with plants with bold leaves.

Appear in the stone wall

design garden plants in the different form

In this picture, you see that this plant serves wonderfully by their form for the softer appearance of the stone wall with large chunks.

Used in container gardens

design garden plants In the pot

Beauty in the flower pot

Rotschleierfa figures In the planter garden

How to properly use these plants in container gardens

In this picture we have a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum ‘ Mikawa Yatsubusa’) and he is the star of the pot. The leaves are soft yellow, before they develop to medium. The Fiery shades of Orange and Red are a highlight in the autumn, but even after the leaves fall, the soft olive branches provide a very interesting phenomenon.

The other types are been selected so that one of them, which takes up the nuance of the Red Veil fern and the rest, add brighter and darker accents. It has achieved it here all this through the plant species of Liriope spicata, vinca maculata ‘ Wojo’s gem’ and Helleborus niger ‘Jacob’.

The plants are Evergreen in the lower level and the result is an adult contemporary design. But anyway, the appearance is anything but static. Composite plants will bloom at various seasons, whilst the Red Veil fern and its golden nuances throughout the year will provide a wonderful glow.


As with many Evergreen, one of the biggest benefits of this plant represents the beauty of not passing. The garden design is a great pleasure. Under the old and solid leaves the others, new come in the spring was growing up. According to taste, you can cancel the “adults”.

Animals: Rabbits usually love these kind of plants, but eating it proves mostly to painfully for them. That’s why you should be also no concern in this respect.

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