Geometric Figures In Interior Design – In The Light Of The Headlamp

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geometric figures In interior design bedding bedroom plants

Geometric figures in interior design – In the light of the headlamp

In the last few days seems to look as the impact our views on some geometrical, where we set him. All of these square finds – geo Ego² and terrariums up to the facet vases – bring to your table, on your walls or in your bed “the perfect dose of intrigue”. What has started as an indie craft trend just gone now its way to larger retailers such as West Elm and CB2. Today, we want to take a look at how geometric shapes can improve your interior and enriching.

It is interesting to see how the geometric figures using a considerable variety of style characteristics intrusive successfully – be it a fashion from the middle of the last century, minimalist and organic lines. To surrender speaking of organic movements – a really unique representation of nature and geometry, faceted forms are quite often combined with plants. The GEO trend is certainly not new, but we wanted to gut us simply to his stylish mathematical virtuosity, as long as he is still abundant in the trade. We hope you enjoy browsing in our today’s proposals, check the links, to obtain information for your purchases.

Geometric bedding

We start with the bedding, because it has the power, to bathe the room in geometric style. The bed line b r z of the manufacturer of CB2 was inspired by hieroglyphic symbols. Designed by A/R-Studio, these models show off white linear geometric graphics on a gray cotton 200-filamentous fabric. The result: elegant modern brilliance…

Elegant trendy bed linen decorated with geometric shapes

geometric figures In interior design bedding bedroom trends

And here comes an exclusive name – the triangle strip duvet cover of magical thinking with design by Urban Outfitters. But are you not a particularly big fan of the blue color? Don’t worry! This bed linen is available in grey and orange. Keep in mind that the quilt cover in two different sizes designed twin/XL and full/Queen.

Turquoise figures on a clear white background

geometric figures In interior design bedding bedroom white blue

Geometric decor inspirations

In this time of year are replete with geometric pieces and each other seems more interesting, more attractive than the previous. We are totally crazy about this facet of wall clocks from Etsy Shop raw Dezign Studio. Each one is poured from natural white tree resin and molded into a free curved shape. Not to mention that you worked out the forms by hand, so no watch is similar to the other…

Compound wall clocks by Etsy Shop raw Dezign Studio

geometric figures In interior design bedding wall clock

This fresh, geometrically-themed Wandprint, called spring and available in the Etsy Shop first love by OBY, pulls out with a strange striking bonding us yellow and purple parts peach. The focus of the overall composition outside a faceted vase. So if not a pure magic of design this artwork in one place your apartment would find its place?

Don’t forget the power of wall art!

geometric figures In interior design painting wall image

Etsy Shop congratulate the game lovers with the ability to create their own geometric art on the basis of a set of 12 snug magnets. You can attach this amusing game to the door of the refrigerator and every day to create a new pattern. Your creations will be guaranteed stained with colors such as grey, pink and light blue!

Set of 12-snug magnets

geometric shapes In the interior design wall design

It is presented by CB2, the sculpture model connect 8. This composition is a compilation of eight iron rectangles that overlap and thereby lead to optical illusions. The old brass effect helps ensure that the decoration piece subtle and chic looks. And in each room that adorns it, it will undoubtedly play star leadership… A small side note to: the ordered products will be opened in India.

Let us now deal with a 3D-Kunstwerk…

geometric figures In interior design structure decoration

Etsy Shop is again on the series, this time with his original snug.vase.Dies is because she just spread apart can coat a glass with water again to take their form. Add fresh green leaves, and the artwork is completed!

In reality, this cardboard vase is far more amazing than on the image

geometric figures In interior design plants pot

To get an overview of the different options, is the design from Dwellstudio viewing – a facet vase in black. There are reasons to love these decorative pieces, starting with their clean angular look continued with the popular mid century design that has served their execution finally to emphasize their availability in all three sizes, which make it easier for you to the perfect choice to drive a lot. Or preferably all three buy to improve the geometric effect!

Facet vases in black

geometric figures In interior design vases Schawarz Matt

The candlesticks on the next photo have no equivalent in all what they may have seen up to now… This is due to the fact that in their design a fusion of geometric forms takes place, which culminates in the creation of wonderful, slightly irregular-looking combination. The effect is simply unbeatable! Converge is votive, an elegant idea of Dwellstudio, a metallic gem made of brass, which celebrates the splendor of the geometric shape. Why not two of them give settle? After all, numbers have a magical power.

Converge votive is a metallic gem made of brass

geometric figures In interior design candles stand

In the combination of geometry and glass, there is something compelling, don’t you think? This greenhouse terrarium, offered by West Elm, has a door attached with hinges and a glass floor that brings its suitability to the exhibition of collections on the day. Plus, if you lock your plants inside, a humid micro climate is created, which brings about a significant reduction in the amount of water you would need in case of normal to watering their plants selections!

This greenhouse terrarium, offered by West Elm, has a door attached with hinges and glass shelf

geometric figures In interior design glass terrarium

Geometric planters

Now we have come almost to the end, but at the end is the best – the Pentagon metal vase planter, nor a draft design of CB2, is a made of iron, with Terra cotta paint decor piece. Twelve faceted Pentagon figures are melted into each other to create this beautiful form. Thanks to a strong framework that stylishly stands out, is also the highest plants can be anchored firmly.

Two geometric planters, which exhibited outdoors or indoors, would be an issue for many conversations

geometric figures In interior design flower pot

Diamonds are forever fashionable be, so why not hang one on your wall? This diamond-shaped planter to hang, launched by Etsy Shop raw Dezign Studio, is poured by hand from natural white tree resin. Equipped with a leather strap, it can hang on a wall or from a hook on the ceiling. The linear design of the decor piece would contrast with each leaf-shaft plant, insert, on the sympathize.

This diamond-shaped planter to hang

geometric figures In interior design diamond hanging flower pot

Do you have a favorite among the geometric decoration pieces? Which one is it? Are you bold enough to try the geometrically patterned bedding? Or perhaps your taste for plants has already led you to a geo planter! Share with your thoughts us by leave a comment below…

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