Give Your Home A Tropical Look Through Nest Fern

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tropical look through nest fern neoclassical design

Give your home a tropical look through nest fern

The Nest Fern has very many advantages. There are many indications that it is used at your home. He needs less humidity, grows best in partial shade or without direct sunlight. The nest fern will develop very well also in small pots and even Earth dried off.

They can use this plant in a place where she will through their beautiful large leaves embellish the ambiance and refresh

tropical look through nest fern cobalt blue accents Asian flair

The nest fern is epyphytisch. This means that he can grow anywhere in nature to”guest”. The host may be around the trunk of a tree, a recognized branch, or even a Bromelienpflanze. But the nest ferns can grow in the Earth. This type of plant needs very little material to develop and that’s why he can be wonderfully used for decorative purposes.

The nest fern designed large, shiny, blade-shaped palm leaves in a wreath. The name goes back to the kind of growth. The leaves open from the center of the plant and create the look of a nest. The new leaves are very weak.

So put the plant in a place where not hindered in its growth

tropical look through nest fern abstract wall art

Similar to the Bromeliad, the nest fern collects water in the center of the rosette. Avoid the long retention of fluid at this point, so that you avoid the destruction. Rather, water the plant through the Earth. Fertilizing is also recommended.

The nest fern grows best in habdunklen places that receive no direct sunshine. The distinctive bent leaves can be found in different variations. The differences are due to the amount of light.

The less light the plant receives the flat, the leaves grow

tropical look through nest fern bright white chest of drawers and shelves

Still, it is important to keep dust-free plants. You can do this through the careful sprinkling with water and gentle wiping with a cloth. The products labels gloss should be avoided. These are most likely ruin the structure of the plant.

There are typical harmful insects, which permanently attach to these plants. Therefore, spray them with water.

Chemical substances should not be used here.

The secret of healthy plants lies in the supply of enough moisture and heat. Once these conditions are met, the plant can easily stand also a direct sunshine.

The edge of the shower at the window is such a wonderful place for this

tropical look through nest fern pastel-coloured leather sofa and pillow

Although the plant on this window looks wonderful. But remember that too much direct sunlight can contribute to the destruction of the plant.

In some cases, the brown color is not a bad sign. The large leaves rise far above the ground. The newly growing are brown. This is normal.

In this case, you could prune the plant so it looks healthy

tropical look through nest fern Pinker of round leather stool

The nest fern is widespread as ornamental plant all over the world. But it grows naturally only in a few places around the world. The plant to the an and a half meter grows without artificial interference. The indigenous regions are about Southeast Asia, Eastern Australia, Hawaii, Polynesia, India and East Africa.

Here we see a photograph of the scientific University of California, which shows the nest fern in its natural environment

tropical look by juicy nest fern green and exotic

You can see here that the plant “Installation design” makes it possible. You can install it on a base or on the wall. So she can be taken away well out of the reach. Due to these features, the nest fern reminds very strongly to the Guinea1.

How cares it correctly to the nest fern

The temperature must be between 16 and 24 degrees. If it falls out of this frame out, the plant will begin to suffer. The light must be bright and filtered, but the direct light exhibition must be avoided. Turn the pot periodically so that the growth is also symmetrical.

Fresh vintage atmosphere by Ballard Desings

tropical look through nest fern colorful with retro furniture and art pieces

Earth. You should use the best organic compost.

Fertilize. In spring and summer, you should edit a week with a mixture of fertilizer and water. If you would overdo it, will cover the leaves with brown spots or deform.

Plants in a new pot

In every new year insert the plant into a new pot in the spring.

At the end, I have wonderful news for you. The plant is non-toxic and actually it can be used also for cooking. In Taiwan, the leaves are cut and used at dinner.

I wish you lots of fun and a good appetite with the nest fern!

tropical look through nest fern antique chest of drawers Seladongr√ľner flower pot

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