Great Decoration And Decorational Ideas Showing The Potency Of Striped Patterns

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Stripe patterns look classic, timeless and always provide the mood and dynamism in the room. They fit into different styles of furniture, work well as accents as well as background. Discover their great potential within the framework of the”Innendesign”on the basis of the next great furnishing ideas.

The stripe patterns are introduced very subtly through the carpet

Ground discreet stripe pattern

Impressive furnishing ideas with stripes

The first model is a simple living room with a very homely character. Although it is not so obvious at first sight, the strip patterns play a very important role here. They correspond to the vertical lines of the window roller and the laminate floor.

In a very inconspicuous way one also influences the perception of the dimensions. The space is wider.

Carpet stripe pattern nautical style

Nautical stripes in the living room

Also in this fabulous living room the nautical stripes are just right in the place. They correspond to the wave-like patterns of the toy basket, the blue-white curtains and the artwork. The striped carpet is universal and thus ensures that this room is quite uniform despite the different elements.

The striped curtains are both classic and original

Decoration in stripes

Window curtains in black and white

This is another example of how the striped textiles can hardly be noticed and yet can completely transform the impression of a room. The black and white curtains are ideally placed in the entire color palette of the room. Thanks to the graphic patterns, a similar effect is created with a very quiet effect.

The stripe patterns are one of the most suitable solutions for the creation of children’s rooms

Red stripes great effect furnishing ideas for the nursery

The strips – a perfect choice for the boys room

This is the children’s room of the two boys by the interior designer Sarah Hartill. The striped patterns are ideal because they are also masculine and playful. The red and white color palette ensures that the whole is at the same time dynamic and quiet, peaceful. It comes very well in front of the warm, brown background.

Decals with striped pattern carpet


The striped patterns also look masculine in this model and they contrast with the feminine colors, patterns of the bedding and the shape of the fireplace. A wonderful balance.

Wall design several stripes great

Bring some energy into the bathroom!

The strips are an ideal choice for the urgent renovation of bathrooms and other rooms. The orange and white stripes make this space appear fresh, vibrant and dynamic. Here, the stripes dominate the stripes, but you could achieve a similar effect by doing just a corner or an accent wall.

Retro furniture strip

Striped retro looks

If you are looking for a retro look and at the same time want to show a very high level, then you are looking for a stripe pattern. This can be achieved with such a cabinet as this one. You could thereby weld the color palette in a room. If you choose more discreet colors, the piece of furniture would be well-inscribed in any design.

Striped decorative cushions enliven this bedroom

Decoration cushion pattern

Small striped decorative elements

In this bright bedroom you have opted for decorative pillows in the striped pattern. Here, it is illustrated how strong its effect is even with limited use. These decorative cushions are a small part of the room decoration, but completely transform the appearance.

Decor in the world style with stripes

Textile patterns on the furniture stripes

Strip patterns and the global style

The strip patterns are found in many ethnic traditions. That’s why they are ideal for a world-class design. The striped patterns on this photo sample could also be wonderful in an ethnic concept.

Carpet stripping device ideas

An ideal carpet for the entrance area

For the general comfort, it is very important to have a welcoming entrance area. The striped carpet in the hall would be a wonderful addition. It invigorates the entrance area and makes it at the same time stylish. For an even better effect, you should select colors and patterns that correspond to the rest of the interior design.

Accent strips several colors
Accent wall stripe pattern green and white

Decorative cushion on leather sofa stripes

Home decoration accent strip pattern
Gardinen green stripe pattern furnishing ideas
Curtains with stripes
Brown stripes and beige
Gray light and white wall design stripes
Horizontal stripes green and white
Horizontal stripes of white blue light and dark
Rollo stripe pattern
Red white stripe pattern
Striped furnishings
Stripe pattern as walltapette in the bathroom
Stripes for the wall
Carpet stripping device ideas
Carpet strip pattern corresponding to the cabinet

Stairs runners
Vertical stripe furnishing idea bedroom
Vertical stripes very noble furnishing ideas
Wall decoration
Wall design strips
Wall design
Wall design stripes black and gray

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