Halloween: Perfect Garden Decoration

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So is the perfect Halloween garden decoration

Organize a home and garden party on Halloween, is great fun. Because Halloween is a dream for all, love the elaborate decorations and costumes. When else has one opportunity to provide all with pretty creepy details from the garden through the living room and the dining room table to own outfits? Therefore you can also not early start enough with the planning and implementation. We give you a few tips on how she perfectly succeeds decoration and running all guests a pleasant shiver across the back.

Halloween garden decoration 1

Magic mood: Witches and magicians

Witches are known to use their powers not only for good. A perfect topic therefore offers the decoration with witches accessories like cobwebs and plastic or paper mache spider, a kettle simmering in a toxic-looking potion, as well as a crystal ball which predicts a catastrophic future for ghoulish thrill.

To make the picture perfect, it will be sessions with a magic bullet or with Tarot cards, where the most courageous must confront their destiny. The page “Viversum” introduces in the proper use and the selection of the appropriate card decks. Dressed as a magician or fortune-teller with long chains, earrings and robes, the attraction is complete. For an atmospheric design of the garden hang colorful lights and distribute glass balls visible in the garden or on the balcony.

Halloween garden decoration 2

How to: Magic cauldron

With a little luck you get used a copper boiler, where you serve a punch bowl or soup or also for a special effect, place dry ice – this creates a mysterious fog. But please note: Dry ice has a temperature of-79 degrees Fahrenheit and should be never in contact with the skin, since this causes severe frostbite. Accordingly it must not enter also in the food or drink. Also it is allowed never indoors or without the presence of another person, because the rising mist suffocating effect. Use dry ice so only with absolute care and expertise.

Halloween garden decoration 3

Horrordeko: Horror and ghosts

A proper Halloween party are also ghosts and skeletons, which you can order or get in de Karim hops. Sometimes even brilliant night! To do this they must are illuminated first, to have the right effect in the dark eventually. Depending on whether you prefer for your party shock effects or rather romantic cosiness, also the other decoration can be fashion, some with a sweet Jack Skellington Garland or homemade tombstones. Especially scary dolls can be processed to a “psychopath”Garland. Of course, also hollowed-out pumpkins with carved a ghoulish faces on any Halloween party are missing. Carve pumpkins is fun together, for example, with children or friends.

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Figure 1: Flickr Halloween Decorations Jennifer C. CC BY 2.0 specific rights reserved

Figure 2: Flickr glass balls Leonora (Ellie) Enking CC BY-SA 2.0 specific rights reserved

Figure 3: Flickr dry ice is fun Dave Herholz CC BY-SA 2.0 specific rights reserved

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