Handcrafted Fairy Jewellery Full Of Magic And Nature Finds

Fairy jewelry to enchant at Etsy

In our ever more rational and faster world we crave at the same time much more deceleration and romance. Nowadays, about to be around so “Demystified” and somehow self-evident to us seems that every little piece of magic is very welcome. Therefore, we were also very delighted, when we encountered the enchanting fairy jewelry by the Irish artist of Kay Bell at Etsy. In her boutique Ruby Robin can be found numerous pieces of handmade jewelry. And each one has its very special, magical atmosphere. Most of them are necklaces with pendants made of glass. In the boutique, however chic earrings, bangles, are to find cufflinks and rings. The artist especially of sterling silver and brass manufactures their elven jewelry. All creations have a special vintage touch and at the same time simple and elegant. They contain tiny nature finds, pressed flowers and even crystals. Each piece of jewelry is a single microcosm that enchanted not only the media itself, but simply amazing everyone, who set his gaze on it.

Elegant fairy jewelry in sterling silver

elven jewelry handmade pendant necklace summer flowers

You can put the original elven jewelry as a personal keepsake with everywhere. So you can for example. Order your own wish trinket at Kay. You need only to write to her and to send the desired items. It then is your very special and unique necklace with pendant, Bangle, ring, etc.

Customize. For this own are not only herb aryanised flowers, MOSS and crystals, but also a small piece of the top of your wedding dress, for example, or a lock of hair of a loved one.

Fairy jewelry pendant made from glass with roses

elven jewelry handmade glass pendant silver necklace roses

Browse creations by Kay Bell here all beautiful elven jewelry for us and for even more magic and inspiration, visit the artist in her boutique online. Of course, she has a blog, where you can collect more exciting ideas and direct contact with Kay. As told in pictures the history of some of their creations and has even a few tips for making up that you should necessarily try.

Enjoy and stay inspired!

Glass ball with colorful tart aryanized flowers and MOSS

pendant handmade silver glass ball Moss pressed flowers silver necklace

Teardrop glass pendant with corks

elven jewelry handmade flower glass pendants Cork

Magic crystal and forest plants

elven jewelry terrium handmade pendant glass crystal Moss amethyst

Filigree bracelet made of brass

arm chain brass glass around fairy jewelry Handmade flowers

bracelets brass glass vintage jewelry handmade herb aryanised flowers

Consistent with of course a brass ring with MOSS

elven jewelry handmade ring Moss glass brass

Or a glass sphere filled with dandelions

elven jewelry glass ring around dandelions seed brass

An amulet bottles with pressed Sommerblümchen is suitable also as an original gift idea

elven jewelry handmade necklace silver pendant glass bottles Cork dried summer flowers

Therein you can insert the dried Lavender for example

elven jewelry handmade necklace silver pendant small glass bottle Cork

Dandelion flower umbrella

elven jewelry handmade small glass bottle Cork pendant necklace silver

White Springs

spring pendant handmade fairy jewelry copper glass

Or why not also pressed flower petals from Pansy

Pansy herbarium glass bottle Cork pendant silver chain

elven jewelry handmade earrings copper glass dandelions seed

elven jewelry hand made glass tart aryanised flowers silver necklace silver

elven jewelry nandmade pendants-amethyst Crystal brass necklace

elven jewelry terrium handmade pieces of jewelry pendant necklaces memory

elven jewelry terrium natural hand-made glass pendant necklace

elven jewelry vintage necklace brass pendant glass Moss

handmade glass brass ring flower fairy jewelry

handmade ring vintageschmuck brass glass feather

pendants glass brass Acorn motif Moss handmade jewelry

pendants brass glass necklaces dried flowers dandelions

cufflinks brass glass about dandelions

brass ring around tart aryanised flowers fairy jewelry

Easter-jewelry fairy jewelry necklace pendant Moss Easter eggs thyme

silver necklace pendant glass dandelions seed jewelry vintage

silver jewelry pendants necklace handmade herbarium Daffodil

silver jewelry necklace pendant glass pressed flower of summer dandelions Moss

terrarium earrings Moss glass brass handmade

vintage jewelry hand made necklace brass pendant red rose

vintage jewelry handmade copper pendant rectangular pressed flower Moss Crystal

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