Handmade Jewelry From Natural Fibres – DIY Chains And Bracelets

handmade jewelry necklaces and bracelets natural fibres

Properly store handmade jewelry made of natural fibres

Natural fibres are often beständigstes material, which is used for hand-made jewelry. While this is only one of their advantages. For example, there are many natural fibers, which are super long and strong. Also you can choose those, which are resistant to ultraviolet rays and mildew.

When there is talk of the handmade jewelry in the summer, it may hardly better, isn’t it?

DIY ideas inspirational jewelry – and examples

handmade jewelry ideas and examples

If you so next time see handmade jewelry made of natural fibres and these especially like, get this! However, there are some things that would be important for storage. If you keep it, the pieces of jewelry bring you very much!

DIY necklaces and bracelets from colourful fabric remnants and hemp thread

handmade jewelry cloth necklaces and bracelets

Transparent vessels

Keep the handmade jewellery in transparent bags or plastic containers. They can be made from cotton. It is important that they get enough air there. Store it in a dry and fresh place. If they were visible, they can also serve as decoration in the room, while they are there.

Stone pendant necklace

handmade jewellery necklace yarn DIY ideas

Swim once or twice to go still, but only so much

You can go swimming once or twice with the handmade jewelry made of natural fibres. This will probably be no problem. Regular contact with the water and it will be contained substances already harmful but in the long run. If you have been swimming with the handmade jewelry, pull it off rather then and let very well wipe the piece of jewelry.

Contact with perfumes and lotions can be avoided in the field of natural fiber jewelry. The reason is that the fibers take the scent very quickly and effectively.

Knitted bracelets with decorative button

handcrafted jewellery bracelet yarn knitting

Hope bracelet

handcrafted jewellery bracelet yarn knitted hope

DIY leather strap

handmade jewelry leather bracelet

Lecturer necklace

handmade jewellery necklace knotted

DIY jewelry ideas from buttons

handmade jewellery necklace buttons

Chain with decorative stones

handmade jewellery necklace stones

DIY necklaces from  Amy Lawrence

handmade jewelry ideas and examples necklace

Knot cords – how to…

handmade jewelry chain blue knotted

DIY necklaces in different colors

handmade jewelry chain tied various colors

In pink

handmade jewelry chain pink knotted

In black

handmade jewellery necklace black knotted

Original earrings in a fresh color

handmade DIY jewelry earrings Orange

Knitted red bow tie accessory

DIY jewelry chain yarn knit fly