Hanging Flower Pots – Cool Plants Ideas For The Interior

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hanging pots for houseplants airy

Hanging flower pots – how you can decorate your interior with houseplants

The hanging gardens of Babylon are among the seven greatest wonders of the ancient world. There is though no images of them, but whose reputation seems to be still alive.

Partly for this reason and partly because it is convenient, many people try to make those, of course in smaller scales in their homes.

Hanging flower pots are an elegant, ergonomic, functional and space-conscious solution for each apartment. This article provides a few gorgeous DIY projects and useful tips that will bring much life into your room.

Covered with style

Air plants are simply perfect for indoors. You are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to make. You need a few same plastic bottles and sprays. The children could participate.

Below we see the project of by designer Gabriella Asztalos – “a floating Garden”. Minimalistic and easy run, this is a perfect solution for contemporary homes. Many exclusive variants can be created by mixing and matching patterns.

Hanging flower pots – functional and space-conscious solution for each apartment

hanging pots for houseplants airy Gabriella Asztalos

The next example is the firm of Boskke and Jaguarshoes collective. They are very safe and a heavenly atmosphere. They play wonderfully with the rules of gravity and can enliven the space wonderfully colored accents.

With the head down. Do you have the feeling here is something vice versa?

hanging pots for houseplants airy retro Boskke

Here we see some hanging flower pots, which look like air bubbles. They are made of glass and could represent the most beautiful decoration, which you have ever brought into your home. [according to: West Elm]

Stylish eye-catcher in the room

hanging pots for houseplants airy terrarium glass Succulents

Just like a pendant

hanging pots for houseplants of airy Michael McDowell's

Stylizing decorative elements in the hallway

hanging flower pots houseplants stylish airy Michael McDowell's art

Do you want a natural look? Then you probably need something like the hanging plants by Michael McDowell. They were created from Moroccan clay. [according to: mudpuppy]

Extraordinary vases in the air

hanging pots for houseplants airy modern art

“Hanging sample glass vase” was named the next example. This minimalist work was created from porcelain. A hanging garden with these pieces is alive as well as beautiful.

Hang them on the window or in a forgotten corner!

hanging pots for houseplants airy glass sphere

This example is equally a flower pot and a sculpture. Alone a sphere made of glass like this looks like a beautiful garden. Are the rooms where such a work would not fit.

Wonder wall

The lamps hanging porcelain rope – are becoming increasingly popular. It is in two three or acquire multipart sets.

The clear look fits almost anywhere

hanging flower pots houseplants of airy succulent wall decoration

The beauty of the hanging house plants lies in its majority

hanging flower pots houseplants airy Pink Wall decoration

In the next example, you have a similar appearance, but without cable reached. Here lies the greatest advantage in flexibility. Do you consider not an interesting geometric arrangement?

Vivid wall paintings from flower pots

hanging flower pots houseplants airy Green Wall decoration

Vertical wall mounted wooden containers

hanging flower pots houseplants wooden box wall decoration

Here we see a living wall at home. What can provide more holidays at home? It is easy to install and maintenance is also very easy. You need just old glass. [according to: the crafty collaborative]

I would put spices there, but it looks even better with flowers

hanging flower pots houseplants wooden Strip wall decoration

Here we see another collection of wall plants in ceramic pots. Actually, you can see it also as a contemporary art installation.

A nice playful combination of interesting flower pots

hanging flower pots houseplants wall decoration

Then it goes again to the magic of the wood! You need this urgently in the cities filled with concrete and other cold materials.

This wooden tanks look very sleek and stylish

hanging flower pots houseplants wall decoration flower container wood

Succulent plants are easy to care for and very popular

hanging flower pots houseplants wall decoration flower container Succulents

This here is my favorite piece! It brings the flair of the Ocean as well as the garden to us.

You can hang it actually also on the ceiling!

hanging flower pots indoor plants flower container Succulents

Myriad styles and shades

hanging flower pots houseplants mural colored

The hanging pots in the picture above are simple and very elegant. You can see on the image the ingredients: small glass vessels, stones, Earth… You can vary the sizes! [according to: apartment therapy / song and dance]

A simple idea with great effects

hanging Blumentöpfem houseplants mural Succulents

Here is a wonderful idea for Easter: painted bowls in the shape of eggs! [from: borokazselyke]

Small houseplants in colored egg shells

hanging pots for houseplants eggshell colored

Golly pods has opted for an earth style. You have still attracted our attention. Coffee – or desk, these are wonderfully and offer material for your next topic of conversation.

Fabulous and futuristic! Have you seen such pots for now?

hanging flower pots houseplants modern tend innovative

Here you can see sophistication and style… back in the form of spherical glass pots. It’s a project made from recycled glass.

Minimalist interior design and decoration

hanging flower pots houseplants airy glass container

Love the different forms of cacti, but you want to convert your home in a Western? The House terrarium could be the solution in your case.

Alien inspiration

hanging flower pots houseplants alien Matteo CIBIC

And if it’s warm again, everything can go back out! Because there are universal solutions like this, which can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

In the summer season the plants belong to the garden design

hanging pots for houseplants garden idea fence decoration

Look out! It’s autumn! Now it’s time to make your House Garden. We hope you enjoy this, and hope to have been helpful.

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