High Blood Pressure – How You Eat Should Be Doing

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high blood pressure fish salad bread collage

High blood pressure – keep the right diet in sight

High blood pressure puts too many risks with it. For this reason, one must undertake something about it decided. The visits to the doctor and the consultations with specialists are very important. In addition also the proper nutrition. Without this, all other kinds of efforts are practically irrelevant.

Of course, a healthy diet excludes regular control

high blood pressure high blood pressure measurement


You must eat like no animal fat and also the plant should be in appropriate quantities. Eat products with much fiber and cellulose. So avoid any weight gain and reduce your blood pressure directly. You need a lot vegetables, fruits and whole-grain bread.

You would have to include oats, beans, Bran in your menu.

Your perfect diet should look like

high blood pressure perfect menu

The right candy

You should replace chocolates and chocolate as far as the candy, other, healthier alternatives. That would be the dry fruits, for example. From these and from healthy dough you can make but wonderful sweets and cakes.

More fish and seafood, less salt

Fish is very healthy, because it contains the so-healthy fatty acids.

Fish dishes, as well as other dishes may contain but not too much salt

high blood pressure fresh fish vegetables lemon

Rather replace the salt with Himalayan salt

high blood pressure reduce salt intake

Other very healthy products for high blood pressure

Other food that should be included in the menu of the day the people with high blood pressure, are fresh, but low-fat milk products.

Combine this with a reasonable dose of freshness from the nature

high blood pressure fruits vegetables, low-fat milk products

Cooked lean meat in small quantities is a good idea. Jam, honey, pasta and sweets should be very limited. The amount is up to 100 grams per day.

Prefer the whole grain products when it comes to pasta

high blood pressure wholemeal bread flour


Beet is a food product, which would much more help with daily consumption, to keep high blood pressure under control. Combine with some lemon or vinegar for an excellent taste.


The celery is also very useful for high blood pressure. You achieve a wonderful flavor and a very healthy effect by combining celery with apples.

A tasty salad of herring for the small hunger

high blood pressure herring salad black bread

Prepare fresh salads, as many times as it is

high blood pressure fresh salads prepared

Grilled vegetables and rice – easy classic

high blood pressure fresh vegetables Grilled Zucchini

You should constantly accompany freshly squeezed juices in everyday life

high blood pressure fresh squeezed juices

Combine beets and apples for an exquisite taste

high blood pressure of healthy Apple Salad beetroot

The precious almonds are particularly recommended

high blood pressure almonds nuts

A delicious “overdose” of fresh fruits is also not a bad idea

high blood pressure fruit salad prepared

And of course the Mediterranean cuisine is top on the list

high blood pressure olive oil Mediterranean cuisine

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