How Can You Make A Small Garden Look Bigger?

Each one of us dreamed of living in a palace and having a beautiful, well kept garden. However, the housing situation in Germany looks different and we all know it very well. Who has a garden to the house, which can be appreciated as lucky. No matter where your property is located, in the city center, on the edge or a little off, it is always a plus if you have at least a small garden. The problem is that in most cases the available outdoor space is too limited and you never know what to do with it. Keep your peace, because there are various techniques that make the small garden appear larger. In this article, we’ll give you some tricks that will lead to visual illusion and make the limited garden area appear slightly larger.

The garden fence made of wood can be made very attractive and pretend optical width in this way.

With regard to the garden furniture, we also have some tips for you. Above all, we assume that every person in his garden wants to feel well and comfortable. In addition, we focus on the play of colors of colorful flowers and textures and show you how to use the vertical surface cleverly. “Go vertical”should now be the motto of garden design on a small area.

Understandably, one strives to exploit every square centimeter so that one sells the feeling of tightness and limitedness from his outdoor area and can properly recover there.

“Go vertical”is the keyword in the design of a small garden.

  • Matching outdoor furniture for a small garden

Since you have limited space outside, you do not need oversized outdoor furniture. A simple garden set consisting of a table, two to four chairs and a parasol is more than enough. If space permits, place a side table next to it. Place the furniture in such a way that they are illuminated by the sun most of the day and embed the whole furniture set in the garden green. In this way, you feel comfortable outside and have everything necessary around you. You have the perfect place for long outdoor coffee breaks and cozy conversations with friends and family.

For a cozy get-together in the open air

Move the living space outside – the last trend in house design!

Since we want to spend a lot of time outdoors in good weather, a special trend in house design has been in place for years – one tries to maximize the space outside. The small covered porch you can set up like a second living room and spend many pleasant hours there. Try to design an entire furnishing concept so that everything is in visual harmony. To make the veranda appear a bit larger, you can hang some hanging baskets from the ceiling. These create the illusion that the covered porch is spacious! So, with this beautiful flower decoration you can not go wrong.

The shutters could also be with you succulents

  • Flowers make the little garden attractive and enlarge it visually

“No rose without thorns, no garden without flowers!”as the saying goes in the Volksmunde. In terms of small garden with flowers you can fully develop your ingenuity. Colorful flowers can be cultivated in raised beds, leaving enough free space on the floor for other things. Those who are well versed in gardening can also create a vertical garden in their small outdoor area. You do not need space for that, you’re going up anyway. A vertical wooden pallet and old ladders could accommodate your flowerpots on a vertical plane. Choose not only green flowers for your vertical garden, but also some long blooming beauties. So you bring more color into the limited outdoor area and make it even more inviting.

Some pots with geraniums and hibiscus arrange vertically and the colorful eye-catcher is ready!

A great design idea for the small garden would be to grow spices there as well. For this purpose, you can use small bags of hemp or other coarse fabric and arrange them vertically. But even in other containers such as pots, buckets or buckets your little herb garden looks just as good.

Design vertical garden in sacks? Yes, the result is very appealing!

Arrange pots with beautiful colorful flowers gradually and put them in the best way

This small covered porch looks very inviting thanks to the beautiful hydrangeas and other colorful flowers

Scroll down and take a careful look at the other pictures in our gallery on small garden design and make it visually bigger. Hopefully you will draw new inspiration from it and create something unique on a limited area.

That wishes you your Freshideen-Redaktion!

Old pots with patina can get their second chance

You can also make a small garden inviting!

You can build raised beds yourself and use them cleverly in the small garden

Flowers are growing everywhere!

Kitchen herbs are best cared for in large pots and pots.

Very simple vertical garden made of pallet – great idea for a small garden!

A small terrarium always looks exotic, but it can wonderfully spice up the small outdoor area

How to put the succulents in scene!

The old wooden ladder has now got a new function!

For the succulents you have created a portable home!

The house facade can be greened and create visual depth in the small garden.

Great idea for all hobbyists – build a garden table yourself and provide space in the middle for flowers!

Succulents are undemanding plants and grow everywhere!