How Your Popular Collection With Flair Represent

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collection with flair beautiful delicate necklaces and bracelets

How you present your popular collection with flair

Do you have your own collection? If Yes, what type? For the first time, I’ve collected stickers in my life. I was not a big fanatic, but certainly the grouping of similar pieces made me have fun.

In my case, the tea cups were covered with stickers. The paintings on glass dishes come with other people. Do you have decorative ceramic vases? You can do so much with this!

Want to know the correct way for the exhibition of a collection? There is no such! This post will give you insight in the diversity of possible techniques.

You can use about the shelves in a creative manner, or use anything conventional.

Collections on shelves

The most tried method for the preparation of your favorite pieces is the artful positioning on shelves. This applies especially to represent large collections.

Put on open shelves, taking the entire length of the walls throughout. A proper place for it would be above all the living room or the kitchen.

In the figure below, the collection of ceramic represents the focus of the design

collection with flair on long shelves in white

A similar way to deal itself with valuable items, you can see below in the image.

Here you can see a collection of decoys on different shelves mounted high on the wall. [according to Erotas building Corporation]

collection with flair a whole room with recessed lighting

The collection can contain a strong message. In many cases, the rule is: “Less is more”, especially when dealing with large exhibits.

Are the number of metal in the image below not prominent?

collection with flair oversized dial on the wall

Add a vibrant color to the rustic atmosphere.

Adjusting the size of shelves at the exhibits often produces wonderful results.

In the next picture we see model railways on low white shelves

collection with flair tiny colorful trains on small shelves

How they emerge only against the background of the subtly painted wall!

Here you can see another popular tactic. It adds collections on high shelves. This is the perfect place for PEZ candy dispensers just

collection with flair colorful over the door plastic vial

The space shown next was specially equipped for accommodating some collection.

The appearance of the Milchgläser at the highest level of the rack is simply captivating

collection with flair numerous vessels from frosted glass

The result is a kind of line of old-fashioned items. The last shelf creates a contrast against the colorful books from lower levels.

As regards the uniqueness, can win something hard competition against these glass objects filled with exciting exhibits

collection with flair from aquatic curiosities in glasses

You can place the really good stuff against a white wall and they appear quite suitable. The partially made of normal, partly consisting of frosted glass surface behind it was inspired by the genetic code of the seals. [according to Schwartz and architecture]

When people talk about the backgrounds, the things behind the shelves seem to be just as important as the exhibits that. The space below was designed to the grouping of small liquor bottles, which it has collected over many years throughout the world.

It has grown the construction within standing back niches

collection with flair glass showcase full of small vials and purple orchids

The latter were then provided with special flouresszenten neon tubes. It has covered the acrylic wall behind the shelves with rice paper. This is an excellent work of interior designer Tracy Murdoch!

You can apply a similar method for all types of collections, if you wants to make them stand out against the background.

Because there would be a better option as the background for these bottles filled with sand from different ends of the world than the paper with the world map

collection with flair pharmacies mood many bottles on glass shelves

Let’s talk about vinyl toys

collection with flair bizzare colorful plastic figures on the white wall

This collection is a work of art in itself. Usually, the glass boxes are a popular and widely applied way in the presentation of such exhibits. But I think the “mini shelve” also a super idea. Paper boxes for precious pieces are in reality. You were attached to the wall by PIN at different levels.

You want to get your favorite toys of your childhood out of the basement because somewhere? You can provide these somewhere on open shelves to display. Do you like the framed Panel surfaces of the figure?

The old soldier collection from childhood shines in new splendour

collection with flair soldiers collection fur rug black Sitzmöble

Collections outside of ruled surfaces

Certainly, the placement on shelves makes a great impression when it is filled with collectibles.

How about hanging some pieces on the wall?

Below is a collection of exotic masks

collection with flair masks from around the world on a black background

You can create a wonderful installation of your favorite pieces. I personally am a fan of the collection of the musician Jon Sherman. You can see below this feat.

Shiny brass instruments in each other interwoven

collection with flair brass Brown Wall illuminated

How about the exhibition of your favorite pieces in 3-dimensional frame? You did exactly that in the next example.

Here was shown a collection of framed, old photo cameras

collection with flair old photo cameras in frame

You can so your favorite exhibits really come to the fore.

Some objects appear best on tabletops.

This room combines modern and traditional accents in a unique design scene

collection with flair eclectic design retro modern many vases

Through a few methods, you can emphasize the volume as by an arrange unique vases before the gloss of a mirror. [according to the Mhouse Inc.

The natural integration of the collection in the decoration. This technique will give your room an unexpected style.

However, if you see the niche below and perceive the diversity of colours and shapes, you can concentrate then hard else on something

collection with flair of many globe In the hallway

What is a collection in your eyes? This may not be the accumulation of identical items in my opinion. Sometimes, any objects in a group through a common theme can be combined. Below you can see the turquoise botanical items? Still, these items appear wonderful on the table as well as on the wall.

Do you already have a collection? Maybe you now inspired to design such a? That would be a super decoration, don’t you think?

Turquoise and cobalt blue – beautiful corals

collection with flair blue coral drawings

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